Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tiny Whiny

Today, this fun Chica is a tiny bit whiny.

Not so fun.

I need to cackle, a little bit.

#1 I have cootie eyes... they feel reluctant to open, and heavy, feverish.
#2 I have cootie throat... tender, sore, on the verge of a meltdown.
#3 Someone forgot to do all the laundry, file all the paper work, and write an interesting blog post.
#4 A rattlesnake was seen entering our carport. Seriously? Seriously. Not good.
#5 I don't wanna (insert any number of adult activities of a responsible nature)
#6 Starting now, I gotta kick my own posterior and make stuff happen.

Sorry, all cackle, and no gift egg.


Alison said...

Well, I just discovered your Burning Man updates on your sidebar, so that's like a post for me. Perhaps Alex can guest blog for you about some of his adventures? His "voice" on the text you quoted sounds...familiar, somehow.

Peace. We all feel as you do now, some days.

ArtyZen said...

If it's not too awful to suggest it - chicken soup is what you need. And maybe some honey and lemon (with a drop or so of whisky). I like to read your blog even if you feel a bit whiny, so don't worry about us - just take care of yourself. Axxx

Jennifer said...

Are you feeling any better, on any front? Here's hoping, and comforting, and appreciating....

Baby By The Sea said...

Ack! Fun Chicken is straight out of a childhood memory of mine. I totally ate at a place called the Ground Round in New England with that same chicken thing. Oh, how I loved it. Thanks for bringing me back.