Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Hallow's Art and Play

Alex decided to create an event at school: The Five Days of Halloween. He and Suki put it up on FB. The idea is to wear a different costume, every day, from October 31st through November 4th! Challenging... but who doesn't appreciate a good challenge, right?

Halloween :: What I Like
Creativity, the transition from summer into Autumn, harvest and natural cycles, gathering, dressing up, alter-egos, fantasies, getting a harmless thrill or chill, the look, smell, feel, taste, and sound of pumpkins, the smell of cold air and spices, and Tootie, "the most horrible!"

Skip the gruesome, slasher, mean, ugly, absurdly commercialized, over s.e.x.e.d., too scary for small children to play, mega-merchandising stuff that is taking over the aisles... meh.

I like Maria's refrigerator industry... she taught herself how to make the chain of ghosts. And talk about creepy... Sponge Bob cupcake paper snowflakes!? She cracks me up!

Maria also designed this pumpkin... fun-kin. We went to MNO together, and in Vera's gorgeous home, B had a project for all of us to craft with: painting and decoupaging on foam pumpkins. As soon as Maria saw the leaf print, she wanted to make a tree covered in Fall color. I penciled a trunk, she painted, and together we glued on the leaves we tore and cut. Then she thought a bird should sit in the tree, and more could fly above. It was fun being partners. It was wonderful spending an evening out with generous, supportive, funny, creative women.

Then last night Holly and Ruth brought Nick and Izzy over. They also brought dinner. This makes two nights in a row when I did not cook... kind of a treat! The plan was to carve pumpkins. The reality was... relaxing, laughing, catching up, enjoying good wine, and playing office with Izzy and Maria. It got too late for carving, but I don't think anyone was too disappointed. It's nice to just go with the flow.

Nick stayed for a sleepover, and while the boys watched a favorite suspense series, Geoff, Maria and I brought out paints, glitter, brushes, and paper masks. This morning the activity is carrying over, and Alex has joined us.

I think Geoff's mask is strongly influenced by his metal shop class. It looks really cool. I'll show Maria's when it's finished and dry.

Día de los Muertos. I found skeletal masks at the craft store, and was inspired to let my brush and paint just go with the flow! I have to say, glitter and flowers are an interesting, expressive therapy.

Geoff just walked in to show me his Threepio Flirts With the Dark Side mask.
It. is. epic. I think we are going to have to open a gallery. Alex has been making all kinds of masks. Who remembers The Marvelous Wax Museum? I think a Máscara Museum would be a marvelous finish to this Five Days of Halloween season.


Alison said...

I am surprised and pleased you've had any time to share all this on your blog! I can see where your children get much of their talent...

Miriam said...

Your family packs more fun into every day than any other group of people I know!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

We try too! haha... I guess when I distill the days and hours and skim off the good stuff, it looks like all fun, all the time. I cannot complain. We are having good times!
Flartus, thank you... if I have been the smallest inspiration, I take that as a huge compliment!