Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn School and Unschool Days

Our Fall Break has been a blessing. It has been fun, and busy, and full. It's had its bumps, and the usual chores, but I think we've managed gracefully enough. I am really, really trying to put Monday morning out of my mind, because I am not ready for back to school.

However! I am thrilled to say: All the childrens and scholars, artists, and engineers living in this here Bird House have wonderful schools, with wonderful opportunities. Thank you.

Big. Big. BIG Thank you!

William, and Geoff are enjoying their welding and metals class. William brought home a sample for me to admire. And he's been explaining to me the differences between electric -arc welding, gas -oxy acetylene welding, and tig welding -tungsten inert gas welding! Each type has its challenges and purposes. It's interesting... Alex prefers gas welding, William leans toward arc welding, and Geoff is figuring out TIG. TIG is for aluminum. He's asked me if I would like an aluminum framed chicken coop. Answer: yes, please! And a stall for my goat too, please. I love seeing William get more and more comfortable with this new venture, and knowing that he is already imagining the possibilities.

Max is in an old new school. He attended Montessori for a bit, back in second grade, part of third. Now he has returned to finish junior high. The best part: he is happy. He's happy! This happiness he is experiencing is a blessing, a relief, a joy, a gift. He talks about classes, and what he is enjoying. He seems comfortable, and at ease. Not to overstate this, but seeing him feel comfortable, and interested, engaged, it is truly a marvelous pleasure.

The senior. Alex. Art is ever more his passion, and he continues to branch out, making friends, and participating in activities. He is in a school that makes people wish they were back in high school. I never wished such a thing, until I got to know this school. Alex has great friends, and great teachers, and plenty of opportunities to explore his interests... all of which makes it bitter sweet in my mind, because this is his last year there, with those great people. And... and will this be our last year with him, here, in our home? He is in college app mode, and the reality is setting in. Oh my.

And what about Suki? She's a senior too! And what if Suki and Alex both go far, far away to kawledge? (Time to implement Operation Hover Mother: get them in the same school, move to that town, and enroll with them. OHM is top secret. Shhhh)

Maria is happy too. So, really, sending her back isn't all so bad. I love our days together, and I have a very good handle on just how fleeting this time is. So, with this in mind... I am off to the kitchen where we have a breakfast to whip up, and some masks to finish painting. The mask in these pictures we saw in a second-hand store, and now we are painting our own masks, adding glitter too, of course.


warren said..., it will be ok. I bet they will still come visit every now and then. You know, postcards at the holidays will be ok!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

lol... don't mock my pain! Without them around who will unload the dishwasher, and leave the two part epoxy on the kitchen counter!?!