Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Pumpkins

Let's see now... we left off our story with banjo playing, and chile rellenos for dessert... and we were about to commence with some pumpkin carving!

So many pumpkins! I am weak for pumpkins. Pumpkins should have its own category and label in Chcikenblg Chickenblog. Trader Joe's makes it so easy, so affordable. But this year, we will plant seeds, and tend them, and protect them! And grow our very own pumpkin patch, then probably buy just a few more at Trader Joe's because they make it so easy, so affordable.

Maria's pumpkin came from school, where she colored a face, so she was all set to carve her Jack-o-Lantern. Could she look more happy and eager? Now, there's a pumpkin face!

Alex stepped in to cut off the pumpkin's lid. This year I skipped the tools flooding the market for this activity. They always junk out on us. I bought wood carving tools from our local craft store, and it made all the difference.

Good Tools = Better Results

After an entire summer of carving, William felt right at home with tools in his hands and a specimen to cut away at. His thorough knowledge of the history of tombstones came in handy as well.

We kept calling the kitties in, because the coyotes were out. Those haunting coyote calls gave us the chills. Plus, Chango was missing his chance to sample all those delicious pumpkin guts that he loves.

Homer stayed close by, though the bunnies skampering across the lawn were vexing him. When we weren't tempted by rellenos, we all remained very industrious in our pumpkin carving.

Very intent in our pursuit.

Maria's Pumpkin Moonshine!
She is so delighted by the book "Pumpkin Moonshine." In fact, she is utterly enchanted by all things from from and about Tasha Tudor.

I call this profit. I salt them and roast them, then eat them. Dirty. All the pumpkinness adds flavor. Roasted pumpkins seeds are scrumptious.

Here swims Suki's angler fish. Nom-nom-nom-nom... she is looking for something scrumptious to bite!

Maria, happy to assist her daddy in his artistic pursuit of pumpkin majesty.

Yes, the wood carving tools were a wise move. Good for cutting, good for carving, and gouging. We still used knives for the initial deep cuts, and spoons to scoop and thin the interior.

There's Homer! And the kitties all made it safely home, and we did our best to disregard the chilling call of those coyotes.

When I told Eli how cute his Jack-o-Lantern's smile was, he went directly back to the carving table, stating: "He's supposed to be deranged.

Well done, Eli. He is deranged, in a cute way!

William's winged skull, and my kitty. I seem to be on an impish kitty spree! All the Pumpkin Moonshines lit from within and looking splendid... what fun!

And with still more pumpkins on hand, we are ready and willing to play again!


judy in ky said...

So much fun! I think I will go get some wood cutting tools for our pumpkins. I love your kitty pumpkin!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Judy. I got a kit from Micheal's... and it's basically just tools meant for carving pine. I think it's a worthwhile investment. Ready for Halloween?

test said...

Like always you are having lots of fun, and it is reflected in the images.
Here in Australia iT is the wrong time of the year for Pumpkins.

Tracy said...

LOVE the imaginative faces on all the pumpkins... and the fish face is pretty spooky! Very fun with your pumpkin party. I love Halloween, but it just isn't the same over here, so I miss the fall fun. Great to catch up with you here. I've been offline a bit as we've been dealing with some family loss. But doing OK. Always a treat to stop by here. :o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I was recently thinking about our seasonal activities, and how dear they are to me... and how foreign they can seem if you are not in the same climate, or if the dominant culture has other traditions. That is a wonderful aspect of traveling... learning about other traditions, seeing life and art, rituals, amusements from a totally new point of view.
((HUGS)) for you Tracy, and I hope you and your family are finding peace and comfort.
((HUGS)) for you too Michael. No pumpkin pie in the cake case, but looks you all are managing just fine!