Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling For Starry Night Hollow

Maria and I still like to visit our favorite quilt shop, Starry Night Hollow. It is a dear place, a creative sanctuary, tucked away in an area home. Truthfully, my own fabric stash is so over appropriately well stocked, that maybe I have no business visiting fabric stores. But the Hollow is more than a great fabric store. They sell patterns, offer classes, they have unique notions and supplies, and there are always incredible quilt samples and other sewing projects for inspiration. Friendly people gather and work there, and I always come away feeling imbued with new spirit.

And this weekend the Halloween Spirit is upon the Hollow. Maria and I went for an infusion of seasonal creativity and camaraderie. And we got just what we hoped for... fun, crafts, company and a good time. I can hardly believe it's been three Halloweens since I brewed up a witching tale to go along with Kim's decor and theme. The pumpkin patch this year is just as charming, and Maria was just as eager to see all the sights.

After saying hi to all the ladies, we made our way to the backyard, to the caramel apples and crafting supplies. Then we got down to business, but in a relaxed, mellow fashion. I kind of had to remind myself about "relaxing." But, a few minutes in the garden, breathing in the lavender and ocean breeze, and I was feeling okay about slowing down.

Kim is always so generous with her crafting supplies, and the refreshments. Their Fall Festival continues tomorrow. Maria and I were immersing ourselves in this cute project... turning wooden beads into Halloween necklaces.

Glitter. Glue. Paint. Tinsel. All the good stuff.

Maria tore napkin corners to make ears for her kitty. Looks a bit like Chango, I think.

Oops! We didn't see this notice until we came inside. Maria and I were so engrossed in the Make and Take we sort of Made and Took two, each. Sorry about that, generous Hollow friends.

If you cannot make it to Starry Night Hollow, maybe you will see Kim Rado at Market. She will have a booth at the International Quilt Market in Houston, October 29-31. I see Anna Maria will be there. I wish I could be there too... all those amazing talents, wonderful people gathered together... what a treat! Anyway, it makes me happy to see Kim being recognized for her original creations, and hard work.

I thought our visit was over, and it was, but we actually returned minutes later! I was picking up Alex and Tatiana from school, and Maria was so buzzed and giddy about her afternoon, she wanted Alex and Tots to share in the fun. And so. Back we went!

Alex and Tots agree: Claire needs to visit the Hollow, and meet Kim. Claire is their classmate, and the president of the fashion and design club at their school. I agree with them. It's fun to bring creative people and good resources together, and I think this is an inspired match.

Alex and Tots settled in the backyard, only slightly prodded by Maria's enthusiasm and insistence. Her fall on Wednesday left her very badly bruised, but no less perky.

Alex, the beret and chic coiffure is out of this world, as is her alien complexion.

And, of course, a visit to a Fall Festival would not be complete without a suitably seasonal confection.

Kim, and all at Starry Night Hollow, thank you for another happy and memorable day of fun!


Janece said...

Halloween happiness! I love it!

Maria looks like she is healing well. We are still sending her love and lots of healing energy.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Oh my goodness, when did Alex grow up? He looks like a college guy all of a sudden.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Maria's swelling and bruise look better, but they are still a bit *shocking.* People definitely do a double take and ask. The good news is she has not complained about pain. Thank you for your healing energy.

Alex. Alex. My baby. Don't tell him I said that. But seriously, I do not know when he got big and mature and college bound. It's astounding to me. Do you think he'll notice if I enroll in his school, if we all go to college next year!?

test said...

Patricia wold have been there for the art, I for the sweets.
Miss you folks, thanks for the blog.

ArtyZen said...

Oh gosh, this place is awesome; I skipped to the story of three years ago and loved the witch photos! I'm not a sewer (nope; I'll have to say, I don't sew... but I'm a knitter and I can say that..the English language; love it)but the Princess and the Pea quilt is just SO gorgeous and SO inspiring...hmm. Maria's poor face! Getting better now so a gentle kiss might be appropriate, mmwah.
A lovely, lovely post, Natalie, thank you!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Michal and Patricia! So happy to see your regular posts from Australia Land, and thank you for visiting us... you make the miles apart seem fewer.

Annie, thank you! Who would want to be a *sewer?* Right?! Hahaha. You would be right at home in Kim's place, where ALL kinds of fiber art is taught and admired. Thank you for thinking of Maria.

Janece said...

Please do share your recent craft activity!!! I'll help you clean the kitchen when we come back. ;)