Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home Coming Week at Home

It's homecoming week, and today is Disney Day.

So. How many hardcore Disney fans do we have out there?

Does anyone recognize these two?

From Disney's animated nouveau classic, Hercules, we have Hades. And on her/his right is a slightly (read: totally) more obscure Disney villain: Living Laser.*

*Purists may contest the Disney-ness of a Marvel Comic villain for the Disney Day Home Coming theme, but I have been assured of its validity. Disney bought Marvel. It's a corporate thing.

No. He is not from Tron. Yes, Tron is Disney.

She is totally playing against character. In real life Suki is this year's Senior Home Coming Queen. She likes her coffee sweet, and cold.

Hades: Whoa, Living Laser, did we forget something?

Living Laser: Forget something? Impossible! No. Wait!

Hades and Living Laser, running back to house: Art projects!!!!

Living Laser: Duct tape! Can't run!

Chickenblogger: I love my life.


Janece said...

They both did an incredible job! I immediately knew Suki's character... but didn't know Alex's. He just looks super cool. The creativity of their costumes is fabulous!!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Great costumes! And I so love Suki's hair color .. it's so fun. I wish I had done something like that when I was in high school. :-)

Jennifer said...

Truly magnificent. I'm eager to hear how their day went, how their costumes were received, what other kids did -- it's all just too cool!!

warren said...

Although I was not familiar with the Living Laser, I totally knew Suki was Hades! You rocked it lady!