Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did, Done, Doing, Gonna Do!

#1. I love Maria's school.
She is happy.
I am happy.
There is a warmth and sincerity in the students, families, teachers, and staff, that makes being there a pleasure. And Friday, when we left, I realized that as much as I am looking forward to Fall break, I do not feel worn-out and overdue for a break from school... which is about the nicest thing I could say about that!

#2. Before Fall break, there was Pumpkin Patch and Crazy Hair Day!
We were trying for a beehive hairdo, but there is never enough time in the mornings, so we let all those yarn extension ponytails just hang down... and it looked pretty crazy!

#3. I wish I could show all the pictures, all the cute kids in the T-shirts they dyed, sporting their crazy heads. They were having a fabulous time running around, enjoying the pumpkins, crafts, and games set up by parents.

#4. Fall Break! Fall Break! Falalalalala-La Fall Break!

#5. Sorry. Didn't mean to rub it in about how we are on Fall Break.

#6. Don't be too jealous. I still got four other children to wake-up, M-F. Poor guys.

#7. Glue + Swabs = Refrigerator Art!

#8. She made me feel like a rock star when I told her I was one of the moms that cut all those swabs. *blush*

#9. Orange tie-dye is an awesome save for an old shirt that was very, very stained.

#10. Seventy children painting, playing, smiling, gluing, snacking, together in their custom made pumpkin shirts is adorable. Totally adorable.

#11. I am fighting an impulse to wake everyone up and drag them to the beach for an early morning walk.

#12. I am fighting an impulse to crawl back to bed, and snoooooooze.

#13. We have been listening to this: "The Langley Schools Music Project. LOVE.

#14. We watched this: "Mighty Uke." More LOVE.

#15. Colleges. College Applications. Grades-transcripts, test scores, choices, options, letting go, stepping in, stepping back, moving forward, deciphering, growing, deadlines, "prowling"... what a journey.

#16. Fall Break! Fall Break! Falalalalala-La Fall Break!

#17. Cleaned our bathroom.
Just saying.

#18. I want to go to the San Diego Zoo.

#19. I want to get the transmission replaced in the Jet Puff Odyssey. Poor-poor Odyssey. Poor-poor me, driving with that piece of craaaa... ~uhm~ mechanically challenged transmission.

#20. Fall Break! Fall Break! Falalalalala-La Fall Break!

#21. Who am I kidding? Laundry, paperwork, and chauffeuring never take a break.

#22. I want a guidance counselor.
I want answers, suggestions, encouragement.
I want to put something out there.
Chickenblog gives me a lot, and I am compulsive obsessed diligent happy to keep it up, to have the years of memories, deep thoughts, and even pointless musings, but I have reached a point where I am wondering about making something more of this.
Let me be frank: income.
Do you think I should open up the ads?
Would I really be selling-out if Puppy Palace and Taco Town bought space on Chickenblog?
Many successful bloggers use ads, take money, earn a living through ads.
I am realistic: traffic here has not achieved levels that would support a puppy, or buy us tacos, but maybe... maybe there is a way to make my deep thoughts contribute to the bottom line. Maybe?

#23. I really don't want to work at Puppy Palace, so it would be really amazing if somehow the thing I already work at could generate taco money, and keep the Bird House singing.

#24. I worked at a taco town, in high school. And a department store, for a credit card, and a bakery, a theater, in a copy room, at a high school, for a magazine, for an urban research firm, in a restaurant, and one summer picking peppers.

#25. I was technically fired from the pepper picking job. Apparently I was kind of shabby as a fourteen year old day laborer.

#26. Other skills I have include: cutting swabs, taking pictures, collecting pets, piling papers, feeding children, ordering pizza, comparing schools on College Prowler, and making lists.

#27. I can make numbered lists, and I can color code the subjects. I have my own crayons.

#28. I hope you are getting some breaks, enjoying this Fall season, and making some happy plans.


  1. As a former teacher and #1 Maria-Fan, I LOVE that Maria is so happy at school. And I LOVE the fridge art. And I LOVE all your musings, your humour, your creativity, your sense of community. If you want ads, and it means a few more tacos at your house and a few more lovely posts for me to read, have ads. That's what I say...

  2. #1. A good school is a great thing.
    #2. Maria sure is cute... crazy hair and all.
    #3. I can imagine.
    #4. You desrve it!
    #5. It's ok...
    #6. Too bad they aren't on the same schedule.
    #7. Spooky!
    #8. Celebrity home room mom!
    #9. I want all my shirts tie-dyed.
    #10. Chaos!
    #11. Sounds nice. Do it.
    #12. Sound nice too. Decisions, decisions.
    #13. Pulic radio had a great piece on the Langley Schools music project a while back. Might be able to find it online.
    #14. Ukes are the new cool instrument.
    #15. Mixed feelings, I'm sure.
    #16. You deserve a break.
    #17. Had to be done.
    #18. SD Zoo is a treasure.
    #19. Unfortunately, the early Odysseys had lemon transmissions.
    #20. I sense a theme!
    #21. True.
    #22. I'll click on your ad links.
    #23. hehe... Puppy Palace.
    #24. Every has worked at a taco town, or the equivalent.
    #25. That was probably a good thing.
    #26. You'd be good at whatever you chose to pursue.
    #27. You're hired!
    #28. Thank you.

  3. I've never heard of Fall Break before. How is that worked into the school year? I guess we can't have it because of snow days to come.

  4. Thank you Miriam. For your sweet message, and for your vote of confidence. I value you viewpoint.

    #1. Thank you.
    #2. I think we should meet. We could be compatible.

    Hello, Judy! I don't know why they introduced fall break, but it comes from starting school on August 15th, instead of after Labor Day. I am never happy about losing two weeks of summer, but I am happy this morning!

  5. Your blog made me smile today, and I needed that. Thank you!

  6. d.a., dear friend, it makes me happy to know you got a smile from my random musings. ((hugs))

  7. A good school and a good education, a happy child to boot... priceless. LOVE Maria's top knot hair 'do! :o) We are savoring autumn just now... I love October for all its rich variety. Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

  8. I was thinking about your pepper picking job. I have only ever been fired from one job and it was when I was a teen. It was the most fun I think I ever had at work and was worth it. In some ways, it is nice to think back to when I didn't care a lick. Of course, I was broke then too...


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