Monday, December 12, 2011

Good Eggs... No Yolk

Of the eleven birds in our shark cage, four are laying hens. Three are juvenile hens, and three are cocky-little-dudes. And one is our dear Lady Betty Orpington, retired layer.

We get good eggs.

We get interesting eggs.

That's no peanut by the way. I am not sure who is responsible for that little thumb-size egg. Maybe it came from one of the little hens?

For comparison: The brown one is a "Large" from Trader Joe's, and all the others are our own medium's from the resident chicas. Now you can see the peanut egg is adorably-silly small.

It had no yolk. Just egg white. Imagine if I could breed hens for this... teeny tiny egg white eggs for all the teeny-tiny dieters running around and subsisting on hot lemon juice and breath mints. Actually, I won't be surprised when industry eggs come out with just such a mutation. Oh, woe our obsessions.


tara said...

Awesome! I miss getting odd eggs. My favorite was a shell-less egg or rubber egg.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Too cute! The oddest egg I ever came across at my grandmother's house was from one of her very, very old chickens. It had a wrinkled shell! Poor dear hen. It wasn't too long after that my grandmother cooked the chickens and decided not to get new hens. I also miss Big Red and her annual calf. They produced the best beef. Yum!

Cat said...

It has been a while since I was told this, but in some time long ago, like the 1600's or so, that was referred to as a "Rooster Egg". (No, I never found out why.) But that is really a great idea, egg whites without the effort!


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Over the years I have seen the rubber eggs... usually a first attempt. Those are odd. And if you look for it... you may fund we have one of those wrinkled shell eggs, which was also kind of flat... very odd! "Rooster egg?" Maybe because it lacks the yolk, or is it because of the size? You all are good eggs! Eggceptional!