Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Tree

Our very own.

It came a bit later in the season this year than in years past. Then again, last year it never came at all. But we now have a Christmas tree. It's tall and piney, and lit up. It is full of decorations. Full! Max and Maria made sure the best and the prettiest ornaments were hung from every branch. Maria even made some new ones to add to the assortment.

Alex and William worked together on writing a movie script for Alex's film class. Suki had another job to work on too. Geoff made it home to enjoy the last of the spaghetti dinner, and to help decorate the higher branches of the tree. A Christmas Carol played on the big screen, and the house felt a bit warmer with everyone under one roof.

Once the tree was complete, we opened the Advent, or Christmas, pyramid... something we haven't ventured into in many years. Max and Geoff assembled our two tiered wooden Nativity, lit the candles, adjusted parts. This, and the peppermint Joe-Joes, brought all of us to the dining table, and then we oohed and ahhed at the sight. Candle light, reflections dancing on the ceiling, tiny figures turning backwards (oops... ), and I may as well add: dirty dishes in the sink, and candle wax all over the dining table. No matter. This is not a movie set, or a magazine spread. This is our Christmas, and as along as we are together, I am thankful.

Like others, I am letting go, and embracing the simple and the special. I do tend to struggle, and I am still trying to be "better," but a friend shared her own insights and reflections, and I am grabbing hold of some of that wisdom: "Wanting to be someone you are not is a waste of the person you are."

Our Christmas. Your Christmas. Holidays. Solstice. Light. Music. May we all keep our health, and sanity. May our blessings be self evident, plentiful enough, and quite satisfactory.


Kate said...

Thanks for the link, I'm glad it inspired you to write this post. Your post is VERY similar to what mine began as - how we do Christmas/Yule/Holiday differently round these parts, and we're perfectly ok with that. It is true - wanting to be someone else IS a waste of the person you are. I love your blog because it's yours, not Martha Stewart's (with a gazillion assistants). Hugs and happiness!

Miriam said... I am missing my own family, who will be either on another continent or at the other side of this one during the holidays. But maybe your friend's wisdom could be extended to "Wanting a Christmas that's different from what you've got is a waste of the one you have." Good words for me to remember in the coming weeks!

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of the kids decorating the tree. It looks like a beautiful tree. Feeling the warmth, smelling the peppermint.... Love, Tutu

Janece said...

We aren't doing a tree this year and I'm more than a little sad about it. I understand the practical reasons of why - but my heart feels distinctly and thoroughly unpractical on this issue!

Oh... and Paul & I have been *addicted* to the Candy Cane Joe-Joe's. I'm glad the season will be over soon and I'll be able to lower my sugar count to more normal levels... ;) But they are SO. YUMMY! And the chocolate covered ones... don't get me started!

Love the real and mental pictures of your family holiday! Makes my heart warm.


nikkipolani said...

Love all your inclusions of home-i-ness like candle wax and dishes.

warren said...

"Our Christmas. Your Christmas. Holidays. Solstice. Light. Music. May we all keep our health, and sanity. May our blessings be self evident, plentiful enough, and quite satisfactory."

Very nice. It is what I like about Christmas with my wife and is what we make it. We finally slow down some and sort of count our blessings on Christmas day. Very nice!