Monday, January 30, 2012

Come West, Friends

We are getting very excited about April, and the friends who will be coming then, all the way from the East Coast. It will be a first time meeting, and I am thrilled.

Today we were on a relaxing families hike with Patrick and Mashid, their boys, and other acquaintances. Since I know that Jennifer, Ken, and Dean will be deciding what to see on their visit, I took lots of pictures today... okay, I always take lots of pictures, but on this occasion I especially had them in mind.

Welcome to Torrey Pines State Park! From this trail, we are looking north toward Old Del Mar, and the furthest point on the coast is Carlsbad. An exceptionally beautiful day. Probably very much appreciated by all the golfing spectators at the Farmer's Insurance Open

Gazing south, we see the bluffs where the golfers are playing, the airship, and the curving coastline of Scripps, and La Jolla.

And up close, the Ceanothus is in bloom. We could smell the coastal sage, too. I wonder what we will find in the spring? We've always had good experiences here.

Easy trails, and beautiful sights. All you need are sneakers and some water. Maybe a snack.

This was about midway from the bluff's edge, and we stopped to take in the ocean view. This is the time of year when it pays to look out for the migrating Gray Whales... they are on their way to Baja, where they will calve.

Deep canyons. Intricate formations in the sandstone. Keep to the trail! The cliffs are not stable, and people often underestimate their position and abilities when over exploring the area.

I picked up a brochure to send off, along with a guide book I found. I think I'll browse through those tonight. There is still a lot I want to learn about our backyard!

There is more to Torrey Pines State Park than the rarest pine species in the United States. The plants, the views, the bluffs and sandstone formations... there are beautiful sights around every turn. We watched para-gliders, a paddle boarder, and a pod of dolphins sharing waves. There are trails I have yet to explore there... and actually, I like the idea of saving those adventures, to share with our friends, in April.


judy in ky said...

You have a gorgeous back yard! Mine has trailer parks and biker bars.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

This is a spectacular oasis, and lucky us, there are more like it.
Of course we have our share of trailer parks and bars, too.
Also junkyards, strip malls, billboards, and endless miles of concrete-industry-warehouse nonsense. Thank goodness for our little slices of heaven on earth!

Anna Banana said...

thank you for the photos. I must go back there!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I must go back there, too.
Funny how we can 'forget' about these amazing places.
Shall we go together? I am remembering something else I forgot... something about staying active in the new year.
I mustn't let that resolution wither on the vine...

Miriam said...

Oh, so beautiful! And to have the sunshine....sigh.

There's nothing like out-of-town guests to help us remember all the wonderful things about our own neighbourhoods that sometimes get taken for granted!

Jennifer said...

My heart is beating faster now, seeing all these important and precious signs that this is all real, and really happening. We are counting down the days (72), and I know that when Ken and Dean see this post they will swoon over not only the sights but the *celebrity* of it all. Too excited to sleep!

kevinbrice said...

WOW! You know just how to make me wish I was home :) Torrey pines beautiful as ever