Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saturdayness and Finishing Touches

When I made Sanka's new and improved bunny loft, it was less a matter of 'new construction,' and more a case of strategic alignment. I placed a small chicken coop, constructed from an old Ikea picnic table, on top of a four foot by four foot raised garden bed. Then I found scraps of lumber to cover the gaps, where the coop didn't cover the bed.

Have you ever heard the word cattywampus? How about wonky? Yeah, those are applicable to a lot of things I do. But it was, no doubt, an improvement, and all it really needed to make it a whole lot better-safer-prettier were a few thoughtfully placed wood screws...

Hello, Betty.
Hello, Zelda.

No one was happy about the noise of the power drill, least of all Sanka. But I did thank Geoff for helping me get the finishing touches complete on the bunny casa. And now everyone is happier, and safer.

Sanka sat close, and we chatted together. Well, I chatted, and pet her, and she listened attentively, and her nerves settled.

And then she had to dash... something about burrowing, tunneling, digging, hopping, and other bunnyness.

And your Saturday morning, what's hoppin-ing?


Anonymous said...

You're a punny girl!

nikkipolani said...

I'm sure Sanka appreciates all your home improvement projects on her behalf.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

I was thinking bunnues this morning!

Hey! I like the tail feathers!

Stephanie Barrett said...

My daughter wants to do a rabbit project for 4-H next year. Your rabbitat is inspiring me. Can you show a full photo of it?

Miriam said...

I think any job that gets done on a Saturday automatically feels more satisfying than if it was done on another day. I never knew what that was, until you introduced me to the word Saturdayness, and that explains it perfectly!

claydancer said...

Your blog and all your cute critters are delightful!

judy in ky said...

My mother has always used the word "cattywampus" quite often. We had a lot of cattywampusness around our house.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you!

Stephanie Barrett, I would love to show more photos of Casa Bunny. And did you know, Sanka came from a 4-H member? Olivia let us bring home one of her sweet baby bunnies almost 10 months ago.

Miriam, I think we should mark our Saturdays and take note of all the good Saturdayness we enjoy... cattywampus, and otherwise!