Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Bird House, On the Corner of...

We've moved around a lot.
Some would say, Too much.
Guess it was just as many times as it took,
To come home.
And it's starting to feel like home, here.
Right where we are.

I don't mind waiting, as much as I used to.
Feels like there's time to settle into our selves, our space.
Every time we make something the way we want it, fill it, cover it, embrace it as our own, I smile and think home.
However long it takes.
I don't mind the wait, like I used to.

And to settle in, to grow in one place, sometimes you water your roots.
And sometimes it requires concrete.
It cannot last forever, but I am loving it right now.


valleycampdurango said...

ah, i know that feeling. one of my greatest desires has been to grow peonies...which require a year or so to get going and are expensive to begin i’ve never bought or planted a peony. will we even be there in the spring, i have to ask myself. but oddly, this has been part of the poetry of our life, and will probably continue to children won’t have the ‘family home’ that i grew up but an exciting revolving door of newness. i find it funny that now they are the ones wanting to move on and go for the next ‘adventure’... your home looks to be overflowing with love and creativity and good energy...and those things are thankfully very easy to pack!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I must admit, in recent years, I was not the least bit philosophical about all of our moves, and in many ways they caused me a great deal of heartache. But right now... now is so very good. I really appreciate the calm, the security I feel. I do hope it lasts. It is a gift when our children can embrace the adventure, and feel at home wherever they are opening a door. I hope all of your adventures carry the best feelings of home, wherever you are.

Kate said...

I feel you. For the first time since I was a child living at home, I feel like I truly have a home - a place where I can put down roots so my flowers can bloom. I know it may not be permanent, but that's ok. It's perfect for where I am right now in my life, and I can accept and trust the security in that. <3

Tracy said...

Such sweet musings, Natalie... Time to settle into our selves, our lives, to be where we are, to really just be. The older I grow, the less attached I become to fixed place, houses, towns. Wherever I am is home. If one is truly at home inwardly, then one can be at home anywhere outwardly. :o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Jennifer said...

"At the corner of Roseta and Neptune...." -- now there's a poetic beginning to a story, or a song, or the name of a band, or a shop. Home IS what we make it.

warren said...

It's def cool to be home...and it's even better when you can play with concrete to make it feel more like home!

Anonymous said...

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