Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Going Around in Circles

Have you seen my small, blue camera?
I cannot find it.
I haven't searched everywhere. I haven't turned the house upside down, squeezed under beds. Not yet. But it's not in any of the usual places, and I can't think of any good unusual places to look.

How about the battery charger, for my Big Black Beautiful camera?
Have you seen it, please?
That's been missing for a long time now, and I have searched in earnest, fretfully.
Now I am without any camera, except my dear iPhone.

Dear iPhone,
Please, do not wander away. Do not find yourself in some unusual corner, where we cannot hear your marimba tone. I would miss you, too much. And if you have some mysterious digital power, some unknown-to-me app, that you can use to find Blue Camera, and Big Black Beautiful camera's battery charger, I would be so grateful to you if you would oblige me to use your power for good. Thank you.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger.

Some days I go around in circles, thinking of very important things, or forgetting very important things, and also thinking of extremely silly, useless things, like: I wish we could take a summer vacation to 1910 England. I cannot decide whether that is a silly, useless thing, or a very important thing. Happily, I don't have to decide.

A new storm is blowing its way here, and the hens are ruffled. They want to run around the yard, and hide their eggs in unusual places. I want to bring the children home, and listen to them discuss mono-wheeled vehicles, and electromagnets, then feed them soup, and make summer plans together.

Yoga was good. I am breathing slowly, feeling stretched, and relaxed. Geoff worries that between yoga and chamomile tea, I may mellow myself into a kind of hibernation. He smiles when he suggests this. He's happy to see me playing. And I have been playing a lot... which reminds me: I want my camera!

If I had a working camera I would show you wool purses, and felting, and the strawberry bed I planted, and chickens in the wind, with feathers all ruffled...

Gah! It's time to turn the house upside down and search unusual places.


Lap Dog Knits said...

Missing things turn up when you're off looking for something else...for me? It's usually my shoes.
Or my keys...
or glasses...
hope everything turns up soon!!!

Miriam said...

Your camera is probably hanging out, having a good time and drinking chamomile tea with MY camera, which went missing the same week I "misplaced" both keys to my new safety deposit box. (Ouch.) If you find any of these wandering belongings, please send them home...

Kim said...

I'm glad you're playing too. Oooh, Strawberry beds...drooling.