Tuesday, February 14, 2012


She did it again.

I wish I had one of those clever photo editing packages that would let me make collages. It'd be fun to see these three images in a side-by-side line up, or as a photo-booth strip.

Our funny Valentine... 2010

Our funny Valentine... 2011

Our funny Valentine... 2012

These take very little effort to make. It's a good reminder of how much she has grown since the first time we made these together, because it was quicker and easier than ever before. I was prepared for this to require a lot of time to finish, but now she is seven, and her skills are refined, she's focused. The printing was the only slow part. So with Trader Joe's organic and dye free lollies, and Maria's heart-bursting-with love... first grade Valentine's Day love was a cinch!

We hope you have a creative, sweet, and heart-bursting-with love Valentine's Day.


Janece said...

So cute!! Please tell Maria I love her Valentine's they are so sweet. Her classmates are going to love them!

Since I'm a sick girl - it's probably just as well that I can only send a big virtual hug. Happy Valentine's Day, Maria! You win my heart again and again! :)

Miriam said...

I love these! Sweet hardly begins to describe it. A smile from Maria would make anyone's Valentine's Day special!

Alison said...

You two are brilliant!

Kim said...

I love these! I tried to make these but when I went to Whole Foods they were all out of lollipops! The nerve of those people! :) Maria makes a cute Valentine.