Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Our Weekends

To Ponder... ~a quote by Buckminster Fuller.
And Albert Einstein said, "The laws of gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love."

What I am actually pondering is this: why, after a really good weekend am I even less inclined to embrace a new week of school, chauffeuring, errands, and the demands of the outside world? Every Friday, I think: I just need a good weekend, family time, fewer demands (or at least different demands). But by Monday, even when I've had some of just-what-I'd-hoped-for, I feel panicked and distressed, unprepared, slightly appalled.

Dear Monday,
I know it cannot be your fault that you are the first day, of the five days, of driving in circles, and making deadlines, of seeing everyone off to their jobs and institutes of learning. And it feels like we are not friends, because I dread your arrival, which is maddeningly early, always sudden. I like you better in July, parts of August, when you are more flexible in your demands. We must make our peace, somehow.

It was a good weekend. There was less driving, and more sleeping. The children were heard laughing in one room, then the next. We had friends dropping by, and good news of this and that. There were fun packages on the doorstep. Persian limes. Gifts from a garden. Books. A tea towel and chocolates. We watched a funny movie. We watched our funny chickens. Geoff was at work less time, managed to help at robotics, and still make a motor with Maria. I had wool to play with. William cleared off my desktop. Inventions, ideas, plans, exchanges... and more. It was wonderful.


But! Aha! We have a four day weekend coming up!!
This means on Thursday I can exhale and exclaim: I just need a good weekend, family time, fewer demands (or at least different demands). And maybe by the following Tuesday, I will be ready for a new week... maybe.


nikkipolani said...

Natalie, I heartily agree, wishing I could put Monday off another day or two. Or even a couple of hours!

ArtyZen said...

It always seems wrong to me that weekends, such important times, are so short! Where's the logic - you describe the circle so well. An extra day or two either side of a weekend would make it just right. Would make for a much better world. What do we want? Three day week, four day weekend. When do we want it? NOW!

Anonymous said...

We oddly have today off and then next Monday so I'm still sitting in pj's glorying in the fact that I don't have to make the 30 minutes commute to my son's school twice today. Ha ha

Kim said...

Oh I know just how you feel! I think it's the curse of having a healthy and interesting family. Too many cool things to do, too many interesting things to discuss! If only life was more mundane. :)

judy in ky said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Natalie! Before I retired I dreaded Mondays too; now I hardly notice them!

valleycampdurango said...

i’m feeling you! we’re sort of slipping into modified mondays, which often involves hooky, some improvised home schooling and skis. hhhmmm. hope your valentine’s is rosy!!!

Kara said...

Totally. Usually, just when I'm starting to feel like myself again, it is Sunday afternoon, and then I instantly start dreading the looming Monday. :( Thank goodness for good weekends, though!