Thursday, April 05, 2012


Someone's been busy, making a practical yolk, here at the Bird House. Eye eggsclaimed when I saw them, all staring at me.

I mustard my courage, to show you the inside of the fridge.
What a pickle, or do you think I am milking this, too much?
Maybe I butter clean things out, before these life forms take over.

Don't call me an egghead, just because I am so pun-y.
Has anyone cracked the case, and figured out who done it?
Or shell they remain anonymous?


Rois said...


Miriam said...


Dianna said...

Oh my gosh this just made my day! Possibly my whole week.

Visty said...

Ha ha!! What a simple and perfect thing to do!

aka Jules said...

from one egg head to another... I love your puny post!!!

Janece said...

I've visited this no less than 4 or 5 times - it makes me happy each time! Whoever the prankster - they are eggscellent! :)

NiCocoBell said...

lol, I love it :o)