Thursday, April 05, 2012

When The Clouds Parted...

The sun came out, and we opened for business! Maria's Lemonade and Bake Sale, with a mini-demonstration of our Young Makers Club, Love and Rockets, was a delightful success. It was fun for Maria to get this chance to explore her entrepreneurial interests and for all of us to share what we love about Young Makers, and the Maker Faire.

Thank you, generous and curious friends, and family! We had a steady stream of visitors, and it was a lot of fun sharing Lavender, the parade robot, the egg-bot, wool felting, and our hula-hoops! The fun lasted long after dark, when we lit a fire, roasted dinner, and had a live concert from Eli and Paul.

Though I was supervising activities, making shave ice, and simply enjoying everyone's company, I did manage to take a few pictures...

Chango, the cat, with Lavender!
Everyone had a chance to take over the cool controllers that turn Lavender, and open her jaws. She moves with the aid of pistons, which sound soft and hissy when they compress.

Here is the core work force behind the success of the day + Geoff keeping the egg-bot busy and operating smoothly.

Oh, one more thing: besides demonstrating robots, and selling homemade cupcakes, we were also on tooth watch. Maria had been hanging on to this loose front tooth for a really long time, but today may be the day it finally pops!

It's Corina! It's Sophie! It's Caia! And Henry, too!
It was so much fun. Every time familiar faces arrived we had a new thrill!
And I admit: we were heavily marketed. I didn't let this lemonade-stand go on chance alone, which was a good idea, because all those invited friends gave a great party-feel to the day.

Lisa, Michael, Carol, and Leo are getting a good close look at the egg-bot.

And here are Teresa, and her ducky little friend, Christina Canard-Diable.
They're Devil Duckies. It's a FIRST thing.

It's not uncommon for FIRST robotics teams to party together. FIRST 2102 Team Paradox loves getting spirited with Team San Diego, and all of their FIRST friends!

Any Dr Who fans reading this post?
Maybe you recognize that this is a Tardis?

Tooth check... oh, whoa... it's all wibbly-wobbly!

More friends, and some new helpers. Some school friends came to play!

Filippo and Karen came, and brought their children, Luca and Cecilia, and Alex C.
And the beautiful fruit pie Cecilia baked... with preserves from their very own garden! Deliziosissima!

By now, we had our fire ring lit, and the lemonade stand closed, but friends were still dropping by, and we loved the interest in Maker Faire that was building! I think we may even have won over new members!

And. You guessed it: it Popped!
What a full day!

Bambi and Alex, fireside.

We roasted hot dogs, and veggie-dogs, enjoyed salad and crudites. Then Paul arrived and he brought a Mediterranean feast. Just fyi: hot dog wrapped in warm flat bread, with fresh, leafy tabouli, and hummus = a super satisfying dinner.

Eli brought his uke, and the guitar came out, for Paul. The sun went down, we feasted, reflected, laughed at Maria's new grin and lisp, and listened to music and singing...

Max, our CFO, assures us, it was a success. And if "F" stands for Fun, he could not be more correct. The Lemonade and Bake Sale, and Mini-Make Demonstration were a huge success!


judy in ky said...

You, your family and friends create so many delightful events! I love seeing all the fun.

Janece said...

Whee! So much fun sharing belatedly in the fun! Congratulations Maria on the tooth! Amira had much fun using her missing front tooth as a holder for her straws. She thought it was especially convenient to be able to hold her straw and drink without opening her mouth. ;)

And I have to say, that first picture of Elias - behind him on the left - it looks like 'something evil this way comes...'

So glad you live your life with your big beautiful black camera in hand, Natalie! It's such a gift to share in your lives!

ArtyZen said...

Certainly looks like fun - sorry FUN!! I love seeing the children growing up too - and doing it so very beautifully.