Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cinco de Mayo, Moon, and Movies

I don't know who gets credit for this, but it's a good one. Sorry I cannot sing it for you, 'cause the tune is pop-catchy, and you might like to hear it sung, but not by me.

We had a movie night.

'Cause it was Cinco de Mayo?
Sort of.
'Cause of the 14% larger moon?
'Cause we have a totally awesome Paradox piñata?
Kind of.
'Cause David Bryne made a random, musical, Texas movie, in the eighties?
Yes, that, too.

Dear Mr. David Bryne, Thank you for making "True Stories," for donning Western garb, and driving into Virgil, Texas. Your journey, and the stories told, were a delight and gave us reason to laugh. Also, we fell in love with characters, ideas, the dance. Not a particular dance, just, you know, the dance that is life, and humor, and recognizing the humor in life. That dance.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Also, we introduced Henry to Tasha and Ada. Our goats were scared, then curious, then scared. And Henry was determined, and eager, pulling, tugging, and just really set to impress upon those goats how much he wanted to play with them. He spit out the treats Maria brought him, refused any more, and kept his single minded purpose focused on connecting with Tasha and Ada.
Sammay and Nate met the goats, too.
Erika met the goats, and she fed Tasha. And she knew that Henry's breath cloud was visible, when ours were not, because dogs have a higher body temperature. His warm breath condescend in the cool air. It's science. Erika knows science. She's cool that way.
Corina and Chris are going to get goats, and then we are going to excavate a tunnel between our homes, and we'll make cheese, and soaps, and do yoga, and follow our children, wherever they go, because our children are fascinating to watch, and we don't want to miss the good parts.

Did you see the moon? Everybody is talking about the moon, because it was full and extra close, and perceptibly larger. We watched it. When it first appeared it was the color and creamy softness of an orange Dreamsicle, and as it rose higher in the sky it became the pale reflector we know and love, with all the romantic and galactic whimsy that we ponder and delight in.

And now it is seis de mayo, so we'll have crispy tacos for dinner, and we will work on our projects for Maker Faire, while playing music by The Talking Heads. What about you? What are you listening to, dreaming of?

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Unknown said...

What fun! I love the little goats. Thanks for sharing. We have really enjoyed your blog. :)