Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Good Intentions Blossom and Grow

We have two trees full of apples.
I've already forgotten their names.
I keep meaning to paint quaint, informative markers, so we know the variety of each fruit tree, and when it was planted. I am so much better organized and clever in my mind, than I am in real life.
Our Fuji apple has begun to blossom. A happy thought: I wanted to have different apples, so we could stagger the harvest, and it would seem my plan is working. A plan that is working... what a wonderful concept... what a pleasure to see this progression. When the children and I stand in the orchard, admiring our little trees, we count each branch of the apple trees and call them pies. With as many as seven, maybe eight, apples hanging on each limb, we think of the pies we will bake this summer... another plan, another happy thought.
Speaking of plans... it's time for a list, a declaration of good intentions, and other necessities for progress. Because, however futile my efforts feel sometimes, I still make lists, and plans, and I still resist the urge to surrender. Maybe that's why I planted five blueberry bushes, because I have a bit of faith. Maybe that's why I have a drawer full of greeting cards... someday I may write a letter, and address the envelope, and find a stamp, and bring it to a post office... hope lives.
The List

:: Clean my office... all the layers
:: Drop off boxes for donation
:: Write directions for house sitter
:: Send Mother's Day tokens of love and affection
:: Create logo for Love and Rockets Young Makers Club
:: Make business cards for Chickenblog~Love and Rockets~Lady Betty Orpington
:: Finalize plans for Alex's graduation celebration
:: Clean, organize, service, and pack RV, for Maker Faire
:: Help Maria rehearse her presentation for Maker Faire
:: Confirm reservations, double check all the paperwork
:: Figure out the master plan for summer trip to Tennessee, then execute preliminary steps
:: Buy food for trip to MF, including camping food, and Saturday and Sunday lunches
:: Get Alex to AP Physics B exam and drive and chaperone Maria's field trip
:: Register Max for summer Algebra
:: Inquire about graduation ceremony for Max
:: Other stuff
It's certain that "other stuff" is a lot of seriously big stuff that I am not even willing to admit has to be addressed, because it is so onerous and malodorous and quite stress inducing. Nothing like planting zinnias, or counting apple pies in trees... more like vet appointments, bills and paper work, ridding the yard of snails, and... and... other stuff! ~~Shudder~~

What about you? Are you working off a list? Is there something there, perhaps lurking, that makes you shudder? Can we encourage one another? Let's declare our good intentions, and nurture our happy thoughts, together.


Alison said...

I have rotating, repeating lists...they generally include:
-empty dishwasher
-call somebody about something
-set an appointment (or three)
-fix something (or six)
-add things to Miss Chef's list

Rae said...

I'm so jealous! With our cool wet Oregon weather and 1000' elevation, our apples are either still in the middle of blooming, or the blooms are just opening. We do have tiny tiny peaches (like 1/2" size) on our Galaxy peach. First time it's fruited! Yay for fruit trees!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I humbly bow before your domestic-queenliness.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah, but I imagine it's your climate that guarantees those apples will be amazing, when there time comes! I was surprised at our two varieties that mature in June, and July. Maybe this year we will have Fuji apples in the fall, when I expect to think of apple picking! Cheers for your Galaxy peach... will their flavor be *out of this world!?!*

Dianna said...

I love the blossoms they are amazing! I need to make a list. Life is about to get really crazy this summer, but for now I'm living life list free at least for another week or so.

Rois said...

Oh dang! I had a witty comment and lost it before I could blink.I bet you its in my pants pocket,you know the pair at the bottom of the mountain of laundry.Or maybe I left it in the chicken coop I need to clean out.Under the rug that needs to be vacuumed? Did I wrap it into my son's 18th birthday present,only he will know.

Oh never mind, I think I will ignore all of those spots where my comment may be and go plant some flower seeds.

Rae said...

Regarding the Galaxy, I sure do hope so! It's a donut peach, so at least it will be fun to eat! :)

test said...

You sound very busy, if there is anything I can do, just call.

ArtyZen said...

Looks to me very much like organised chaos, which is, of course, the very best (and probably the only) kind of organisation possible, according to the law of entropy.
Organised chaos is an incredibly difficult balance to achieve, so I say 'well done'! High level of entropy at my end of things at the momntxopemjrns*^

Kim said...

Natalie! You have an orchard?! I am so envious. I love all your plans and especially your urge to resist surrender! I make all kind of plans and I'd say about 1/4 of them get executed, with the results often very different than I had imagined. (Sometimes things turn out even BETTER than I could have imagined)

So...we are in similar boats. We're leaving for a road trip/ camping trip to the Outer Banks of NC tomorrow morning. Food shopping, packing for that 7 hour car ride and then the actual camping. We're taking the ferry for a day out to Okrakoke island (which was the pirate Blackbeard's hangout) so I'm excited!

Why are you going to TN? We spent 8 weeks there last summer for Joe's job. Where in TN will you guys be? We stayed in Knoxville, which was awesome. Downtown Knoxville is great; they have a wonderful farmer's market every weekend and at their visitor's center they have a different live band playing everyday at noon. I think it's called The Blue Plate Special Cafe or something like that.

Chattanooga is especially cool too. Awesome walking bridge over the river that leads into two neat parts of the city. And of course Honky Tonk row in Nashville is fun! You guys are going to have a blast in TN.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I have a barn... it's a shed we made barn-like.
I have an orchard... it's fruit trees I've been planting in the front yard.
I have a cook... my son makes spaghetti on Friday nights.

I'm excited for your trip... cannot wait to see pictures and read about the adventure.

TN is happening this summer, I hope. Geoff's cousin is getting married, near Nashville. We've never been, so maybe I need to talk to you... I remember your posts... must have been about the time I started reading your blog.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

"Looks to me very much like organised chaos, which is, of course, the very best (and probably the only) kind of organisation possible, according to the law of entropy..." any time I can rely on science to defend the natural order I maintain, I am relieved. It feels like a blessing, or absolution. Thank you.
uh... "momntxopemjrns*^" ? Okay, explain, please :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Michael, I am calling!
You are dear.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Lost comments = Cyber crime!
Of course this one you left is good, so no biggie.
Anyway, don't go looking for the other one...
too perilous! By all means, plant seeds.
It's the best answer to all of life's bigger

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

List free living! Enjoy!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Donut peach... mmmmmm... something I must try!