Sunday, August 12, 2012

{42 summer moments}

Beach moments.
Family moments.
Sand, surf, and sun moments.
These are forty-two good moments, spent with my cousin, Gabe, Ashlie, Katalina, Austin, Alex, Max and Maria, and a really handy, waterproof Canon.

Austin, with his board: it's business time.

A little coaching from Uncle Gabe, cheering from Katalina, and Maria rides into the beach. Gray skies didn't slow us down.

We were all smiles.

Having peace lovin' fun.

Grapes, crackers, cheese, and water in a cooler, some sunblock, a few towels... we grabbed goodies from our sandbox, and pointed ourselves south and west.

The riptide was respectable, the waves were fun, and even the marine layer decided to cooperate. Blue sky began peeking through.

They seem to never tire... the waves, or the children.

They were sweet... the children, and the waves.

All her efforts to learn how to swim really paid off. She was under water quite a bit... sometimes deliberately! Only one wave beat her up too much, but she was back in the mix, in no time.

Max, in water. He could not be happier. Unless... I wonder if anyone teaches algebra, or physics, in the surf?
Summer is for water, adventure, new boundaries, no boundaries, natural elements.

Wet lens. Still a great moment. Max anticipating the next ride. Gabe and Ashlie, loving their family vacation.

Summer is for playing, for reunions, for new experiences.

Such a cutie, Katalina.

In a month, they'll be seeing snow on the mountaintops, where they live.

Max, is getting an awesome ride. He's a bit out of focus, but I love the shot anyway, and also, this wave hammered me, as I stood there, hoping to capture his success.

On the beach, Maria found an emerald green, and iridescent, beetle.

Ashlie's getting the shot with her phone. Love this!

I guess I don't have to explain how much I love taking loads of pictures, especially on vacation. These shots are sure to bring many happy memories.
These beetles fly. I wonder if he got lost, or chose to hit the beach this fine day.

Two cutie sand-bugs and their beetle buddy.

I still can't believe it's been two years since they were here. The time is moving way too fast.


Will she hold?


Ashlie, I am not going to watch "Shark Week,"and neither should you! Let's just enjoy our happy sunshine memories and make believe only dolphins and shrimp are under those waves!

I love my Little Blue Water Baby.

It's a blast, for a shutterbug, like me, because I don't have to choose: water, or photography? Both, please!
Alex chose a beach run, then a walk into town, and finally... body surfing!

Fish cousins.

Summer is for blue skies, and white surf, and sunshine.

Surf's up!

The water's fine.


Maureen | Orgasmic Chef said...

What wonderful happy snaps to share! I can't wait for summer to come down under. :)

judy in ky said...

Sand, surf and smiles... they all go together! I'll have to get a waterproof camera myself. I love to stand in the surf and take photos... once I dropped a camera into the water and it was ruined.

Janece said...

Oh, such a rich and blessed visit with family! I can feel it from here. I'm sure it hurt to let them pile in the car and head for home.

Kim said...

Yay for surf days! That looked like an AWESOME beach day for the whole family (and extended). Maria is a regular ol' Gidget at the beach! So cute.

Alison said...

Great, great photos. Is Maria afraid of anything? With those amazing, encouraging brothers, probably not. I'd still like to see a picture of you getting hammered by that wave! I bet you came up laughing.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It's on it's way!
I hope your winter has been a good one.
Thank you for visiting Chickenblog, O'Chef!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You and that Little Blue Camera belong together, in Hawaii!
Aloha, sweetie.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Wasn't it fun, after the beach, too?
Yeah, good-bye was rough.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Aloha, Kim!
How about you?
Have you enjoyed some beach days, between
unpacking and settling in?
I cannot believe we were only there four hours...
it looks like an epic excursion. It's good to remember
how much fun can be had, leaving the house!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Laughing out loud!
I think Maria is enjoying a good time, as a daring girl, and you're right: her brothers have been good guides.