Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shade and Sensibility

Thank goodness, we found shade and a light breeze. Resisting the urge to hide-out from the heat, another day sweating it out at home, William persuaded us to pack a picnic and take it to a park. Sensible young man.

I admit, when I think of picnics, I envision a Regency era hillside, Empire waist dresses, parasols, everything pastoral, idyllic, quaint... the servants, cooks, butler, upstairs maid, coachman, and gardeners just out of view.

I have no problem conjuring the most romantic Austen inspired scenes, witty discourse, and refined grace, all in the dappled light... but the whole picture is not quite so shiny... searching for ice packs, trying to match a lid to the plastic tub, forgetting the apples I washed, dreading the yellow jackets, avoiding the muddy spots, feeling less than graceful and accomplished. Feeling a hot mess. And you know what? Jane had these moments, too... were she here, in this heat, I would nod in sympathy when she might repeat:

"What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."

Romantic ideals are well and fine, for daydreaming, for inspiration. I think I fare better with a little commiseration and realism, sensibility, which is why I loved discovering Jane Austen's heated quote at Audrey Finch.

Our picnic was tasty, healthy, plentiful. We found lids, we found dry ground, we evaded bugs. I even got to recline, and read, to gaze at green leaves beneath a blue sky. Blissful luxury, I know.


Janece said...

Please share with me where this is. I would love to visit. (maybe with you sometime) :)

Bliss - the good moments of this beautiful life are captured in these photos!

judy in ky said...

We have had a whole summer full of dreadfully hot weather and I have been inelegant the whole time. I'm ready for fall.

Cipri @Travelocafe said...

OMG! Such lovely photos. You must have had so much fun taking them.

Anonymous said...

You make me want to take a picnic! I already read Austen's works every year. Ha ha

Miriam said...

This sounds just heavenly. We've been having a spell of 30-35 degree weather (90-100 down your way!) which means lots of sweaty-ness for us Canadians. Ick. So I'm going to find me a blanket and some shade and some ducks and have me a picnic!

test said...

This is what I call living, you just always take me by surprise. Thank you for sharing.