Monday, August 27, 2012

Bird House & Barn

...a Farm Report

Hola, Chicas!
The slightest hints of a waning summer are beginning to appear. Sunset is no more a prolonged affair, mornings can be foggy, cool. The crows are gathering, in murderous, boisterous crowds. The chicas head for their shark cage a bit earlier each night...

Even nest devoted Zelda was seen strolling in the twilight. Surprisingly, she was the last one in... returning to her straw lined tub, while her sisters settled on the roosts.

Sweet Zelda. The only time she raises a fuss is when the goats barge into the coop in search of chicken feed. She gives them a serious scolding, then.

It's dusky out, the chicas are settling in. Penny, Puff, and Little Debbie, _calmly_ negotiating the roosting positions.

Little Debbie objecting to something, Puff taking it, Penny hunkering down, Zoe hesitant, and Lady Betty ready to peck at anyone who dares to challenge her place in the order.

Meanwhile, on the western end, Kamen and Shebot agree to keep clear of the negotiations.

Eventually, each chica finds her space, the sun sets, and all sleep peacefully, soundly... until morning!


Unknown said...

Holy moley, cute!!

chris @ said...

I stepped out on my porch yesterday afternoon and noticed that the days have definitely become shorter. I also see the change of season coming by the quantity of eggs I get every day. I only get 3 or 4 a day where a couple of months ago it was almost a dozen every day.

Best wishes!


test said...

It looks like you have all your chica's in a row.

judy in ky said...

They look like happy chicas.

Anonymous said...

Your chicken blog really is a chicken blog! I love that. One day, when I have the space I'll be raising chickens too and I'll need lots of help figuring it out.