Friday, August 31, 2012

Shave Us From The Heat!

Still hot?
Still sweltering and summery?
Are you looking for something sweet to eat, to save you from the heat?
We may have what you are looking for... this is a raspador de hielo... an ice shaver! This clever tool rasps the ice, shaving away cool, fluffy layers of ice that collect in the handle.

With some downward force you push it forward across a block of ice... repeat, repeat, repeat, then peek inside and voila! Hielo. Fluffy, light snowy ice. Perfect for something sweet. What would you serve over it?

How about limes with mint? Almost, a mojito... which would be refreshing, too!

Tiny Key limes, not much juice in this little wonder, but good flavor. Since we have artificial dye allergies and aversions, we've learned to make our own syrups. We've made strawberry syrup, raspberry syrup, mixed berry, lemon, and lemon with mint and chile! The lemon-mint-chile recipe is still the all time favorite, of all ages!

Years ago the children gave me this marvelous juicer. I was touched by their gesture more than the gizmo, but they actually made a great choice. It does quick work, effectively.

Maybe the best part about our Krups juicer, it never fails to attract helpers!

All those limes made a cup of juice, which we added to a cup of water, along with a cup of sugar, then a bit more... maybe two cups of sugar? Long, slow, low heating on the stove top will cook off more and more of the water so that you can achieve the consistency and flavor you like best. We added spearmint leaves after we turned off the heat.

The next part is the hardest part... wait for it to cool down. So, obviously, the ice shaving part should come after your syrup is made, cooled, and bottled. We use any tall bottle and add a pour spout. The syrup lasts a long time in our refrigerator. Another treat... add a shot of syrup to bubbly water, for a homemade soda.

Got ice?
Max is our resident ice shaving expert. I was trying to lend my wisdom, suggesting the blade needed adjusting, discussing the surface temperature... I should have saved my breath. He had it all under control.

Ah... I should have one more picture, happy faces enjoying their shave ice treat, but my hands weren't free, because, well you know, I needed to make sure the almost mojito lime-mint raspados were coming out okay!

Some day we may find oil in the narrow strip at the bottom of our yard, or Spielberg will cast our goats in an epic movie, asking us to sign the rich and famous contract... when something like this happens, I would love to send a raspador to all! In the meantime, I have one extra, handy-dandy, ice shaving tool, and I would love to share it with a Chickenblog reader. A modest give-away, I know... please leave a comment, share your favorite cool-down treat, and we will throw your name in the fez for our Raspador Give-away!


test said...

I am on my way over, I am so hot under the collar.

stephanie from texas said...

Oh yes! Just 2 weeks ago I told a friend of mine that the best snow cone flavor would be virgin mojito.

judy in ky said...

Chocolate mint chip ice cream is still my favorite treat!

Kim said...

This is so cool! I have never seen one of these ice-shaving tools and would be honored (and excited) to enter your awesome giveaway. I think shaving your own ice by hand is the perfect way to work up even more of a sweat to make your cool sweet treat taste even sweeter.

Anna Banana said...

My cool down these days is cold sparkling water with half again as much oj and about an ounce of apple cider vinegar. Northern European preference for sour things. Umm, block of ice? Did you get it at the ice house?

Miriam said...

I would love a raspador but I don't think my name should be entered in the draw because my freezer is always full to bursting and I have no idea how I would fit a block of ice in there...

But in another place and time, my preferred topping would be some of my lavender-gooseberry jelly that didn't set and is really a syrup. Pretty colour, lovely taste - I think it would be a hit!

Janece said...

After sampling your and Max's shave ice... I've been wanting to experiment with it too! It's such a simple but decadent and satisfying treat!

Shanda said...

This looks like a lot of fun! We've been making lots of limeade this summer, so a frozen lime ice dessert would be lots of fun, and I just cleaned out my freezer, yay!

Theresa said...

We make homemade popsicles, smoothies and sometimes put frozen fruit through a juicer, although it is a lot of cleanup, but makes for a very good "ice cream."