Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Play Now, Blog Later

Going back to May... no, March, or April... ?

Anyways, since last spring, I have been falling behind on things I want to blog about, pictures I want to share, ideas I want to describe. Suddenly it is August. And I do mean suddenly! Where the heck have June and July gone, people?! Gah. Not only is it already August, but we are a week into August, which brings me to something really truly, deeply sad: School starts in less than two weeks.

Let us pause, a moment of silence, for this devastating news.

Fortunately, my children are far more mature and capable, than I, and so I am taking this moment to remind myself: Natalie, the Chickenblogger, for your children's sake, do not whine, squirm, fuss, moan, twitch, berate, grouch, grumble, suffer, writhe, wallow, or snerk about "back-to-schoolness."

Not easy... maturity, sophistication, leadership, quadratic equations, but I am trying to step it up.

Okay. So. Obviously our waning summer is a real pisser a minor inconvenience. So. I am thinking up ways to squeeze in more summerness, more of the forty-two things we planned, hoped, and dreamed of at the start of our break, and I have to make them fit into the teeny-tiny-eensy-weensy time remaining. Because I take a long time editing photos and writing up posts for the the blog, I think I need to step back, pare it down, set Chickenblog aside, while we play. Then, when school resumes, I can be a posting fool!

(Never mind that during school, I dreamed of playing catch-up with the blog, and personal goals, over summer... only to find myself at the end of my opportunity, and fabricating yet another game plan. Oy.)

Alrighty, then, the plan is: Play now, and blog later. But because I am compulsive about my dear Chickenblog, I will check-in everyday, with snippets, and tid-bits... like this:

Summer is for cousins playing together, sundresses, catching lizards, laughter, singing, smiles, and play. We enjoyed a very special opportunity for all of the above, when we all met in Pasadena, to celebrate Eunice's ninetieth birthday. She said she finds it hard to believe that she is ninety, but that when she looked around, a room full of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren, she could believe it! God blessed you, Grandma. God blessed us all.

Alison, I love this photograph. Thank you! Cutie cousins, Marissa, Dominic, and Maria. What great memories this holds.


Anonymous said...

Oh the cuteness!

Cory said...

oh gosh, I know. School is hard on everyone- kids and parents alike. This has been my first SUmmer vacation with kids (my oldest was in Kindergarten last year- her first school year.) I am enjoying all of it...so nice to not have to try and get kids down by 8:30 p.m.

Jenny said...

I loved reading this post. Summer is such a complicated thing to navigate ~ all that beautiful TIME, full of so much promise in the begginning and then before you know it August is half gone and you've become a complete night owl and Fall is sneaking in the back door.

Enjoy these last few weeks!