Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summer Is...

Summer is for friends playing, celebrating Max's birthday. A favorite cake, splashing in the pool, devouring all the snacks, laughing at really absurd stuff, staying up late, later, super late, too late? Not everyone is in town, but some of Max's best buddies came by, and he said the small gathering, the themeless, unplanned soiree was great!

Max has had a good year, a progressive year, and ahead... lot's more good stuff.

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Janece said...

Aw, such a perfect photo. I'm so glad it was a wonderful celebration!

And, if there is no "have-to's" in the morning... there is no too late. And sometimes, it's more than worth it, even if it is. These days are beautiful, saving-in-the-heart days.