Thursday, August 09, 2012

Summer Is...

Summer is a rush! It goes by quickly, and full of urgency to make the most of freedom and fun. This moment was back in July, when So Cal was barely warming up: we were so eager to believe that it was hot enough to feel refreshed in our unheated pool... we went in, despite the cold. Even the two in wetsuits were shivering! At the time, I hesitated to share this since the rest of the country was in the early days of what has been a long, lasting heat wave. Now, we are in a heat wave of our own, and the pool finally does feel actually refreshing, but alas... our summer rush, our freedom and fun is too quickly drawing to an end.

What is your summer about? How are you staying cool? What were you eager to rush into, when summer began? Please join us in the comments, or link to your own blog, and tell us what is making your summer special.

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