Thursday, September 13, 2012

Felis Silvestris Catus Benjamin

Dear Benjamin Franklin Thundercat, Cowboy and Explorer,

We love you. We love your bunny feet, your white chin, your manly chest, the tufts between your toes, your whiskers, left and right. We adore the pitter of your patter, and the way you meow and chatter.

You are, sir, a fluffy woodgie-woodgie muffin of love.

Thank you, BFTC, for coming inside before dark, for gazing at us with your bright, sometimes drowsy, eyes. Thank you for letting us snuggle and cuddle and fuss all over you. You are dear to us. Stay near to us.


Your devoted servants.


test said...

Yes thank you for coming in before dark, especially in our area.

judy in ky said...

That's the most relaxed cat I have ever seen!

Lady Cordelia said...

I SO get the kitty love.
Sweet and darling!