Saturday, September 15, 2012

Heart and Soul

Have you found an activity that you love, that's good for your heart and soul? I have to admit, when the subject is "exercise" I am not excited. It's not a proud thing to own up to, but just thinking about "gyms," "fitness machines," "cardio-rhythmic-endurance-training" puts me into a state of resistance and dread. Resistance and Dread, that cannot be good for my heart, right? But, hay, I can't bale on getting fit, keeping a healthy heart, and a happy spirit. I know that's right. So for my Heart and Soul I am looking for ways to move that make me happy, and using these posts to make me accountable.

This week I did morning laps around the track at Maria's school. She runs, and I walk, quickly. When I make this happen, I notice two things: 1. it makes Maria happy, because she loves to run, and she loves to have my company, and it's really dear to see her embracing fitness and fun, together. 2. my day begins energized, perkier, and that's a big return from a pretty small investment.

The other activity I enjoyed this week: Being a Farmer!

Farming, it's for me! I had straw bales to move, and goats to chase, and feed to load, and things to heft around... I dunno... it's pretty small scale, and certainly it's more of a hobby than big time operation, but it keeps me moving, and satisfied.

I put on a hat, and got busy... then I remembered to snap some iPhone pictures for this post, which made my farm work more fun. Moving hay bales? That's some workout! The best part is that after a while, the children found me, and joined me, and it became a farm party!

Naturally, the chicas were the first ones to show up, and help. Chicas love investigating any new features and supplies that come into their turf.

We couldn't leave the goats out of the activity, though I don't think we can call their activity "helpful." I can say their antics are good for the soul.

Every load of Timothy hay was a moveable feast, in their eyes. I love the Timothy hay. It smells like cut sugar cane, warm and sweet. Evidently, it tastes good, too, but I cannot confirm this, personally.

We did a lot of hauling and moving, and reconfiguring. I did more than snap pictures with my phone, honest! We finally settled on a good spot for storing our hay bales, where they'll be out of the weather. Alex is shoring up the base we laid out, to keep them off the ground.

Kick it, Betty! Many hands, and feet, make light work.

We were hot, a bit sore, really messy, and our hearts were pumping. And we were having a really good time. Laughter, conversation, and farm work go easily, together.


It feels either silly, or too obvious, but I am surprising myself by acknowledging and accepting how much I enjoy working around our barn, with our animals, in the garden, and with my family, and that it makes me really happy. It's gratifying, Heart and Soul labor.

Did you make time, this week, to do something you love? Something to make your Heart and Soul happy? I hope you'll share what moves you.


Anna Banana said...

So sorry to hear about Flopsy. Love your heart and soul posts. Hmm, what did I do this week in that regard? Still thinking. Um, one walk in the neighborhood alone and one in La Jolla with a friend. Only a bit of gardening, must re-commit after the heat wave. <3

judy in ky said...

I have been awfully lazy this week, which often happens when I have just returned from a vacation. I really need to get up and get moving!

Alison said...

Darling, I am so sorry to hear about Flopsy Bunny. What a shock, as I had no idea how badly she was hurt. Poor dear. Poor children. But yes, such is life on a farm--unfair, but continual. The cycle goes on, and your hearts are beating and your brains are carrying parts of a soft, quiet, little flop-ear sweetie.

Adaliza said...

I love sharing your farm'n barn moments - happy and sad. I almost married a farmer when I was 18 - a very long time ago. I still think about all those barns! I don't know when I've laughed as much as at the Kick it Betty photo - what a gem! You've put a huge smile on my face as I enjoy my first cup of tea of the day, before chores, and work in the classroom, then home - and all without a barn!!! Thank You!