Thursday, November 08, 2012


A list of goodness from the day, from life, from you, for you, and for me.

Trader Joe's is committed to finding and providing "...foods and beverages made without the use of genetically engineered ingredients." Additionally, I find no better place to shop for dye-free, additive-free foods, so when I don't have it in our garden, missed it at the Farmer's Market, or simply have an insatiable craving, Trader Joe's is there to satisfy our healthy appetites!

The plates are from Pier One, a few years ago... seriously, how could I resist?
And the Blondie is from... you guessed it: Trader Joe's Blondie mix!

My apologies to all of our East Coast friends, who perhaps would rather not start winter, just yet. But out west, some of us, have overly romantic imaginations, and news of snow is a bit of a thrill. I can't stop peeking in at the Hencam, where it's warmed up to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Their snow seems to be melting, so, I wonder if Candy, the bunny, has given up the comfort of the hen's dust bin?

So, is it "Autumn Into Winter" where you are, too? I woke up to an unexpected rain fall, here, but in Maine the Soule family's pumpkin looks like he was caught unawares by the arrival of winter-like weather. I can almost here his teeth chattering! Brrrrr...

My cousin posted that she was reminded by a friend, that Christmas is six weeks away!

Well. I said, "That's impossible."

Then. I fainted.

And then I realized, I LOVE Christmas, and lights and music, and friends gathering, and Elf, and peace and grace, and hope, and so I said, "Joy!"

What's the earliest you ever put up a tree, or hung a wreath?

Other goodness of the day...
Lots of laundry is washed and dried, and folded. Don't you just love when this happens? Tempted to send everyone away, to preserve this moment of near order.

The roses are pruned... thanks to Alex, and William, and James, and me, and two goats. I know... it's too early, but then again, it's really late. I cannot remember the last time they were pruned. I think it was a good choice. The goats agree, so you know, that's valid.

Geoff comes home tonight. Alright, so maybe this is goodness for me, more than for you, but it is goodness. You should be happy for me, please. Uhm... I am going to stop now, because I see I am on the precipice of public tmi-gushy-smoochy-twitterpated romance.


Where was I?

Hey how about art, and independent artists, and being a patron to a rising star? Goodness is being daring and creative and making beautiful music! Our cousin, Kree Woods, has five days to fund her Kickstarter project, so her new album can be marketed. She's on iTunes. She's writing lovely music, and working hard, and for as little as one dollar, you can be a real life art patron!

And how about this... a little Geek-movie history-Industrial Light and Magic Kingdom news: George Lucas is donating his billions from the sale of "Star Wars" to charity. The Force is with him!

Well, I haven't had my Blondie, yet. I am going to enjoy just a small corner wedge of sweetness, and then see what's left to tackle in the laundry room.

Do you have some goodness you'd like to share? I love our chats.


test said...

I have now Bookmarked the Hencam and this makes feel a lot better about being here in SoCal.
Thanks Natalie.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Wow, I love that plate! We both are enjoying this rainy weather today. My attempts to get out and move the old bod have been sadly neglected for weeks now . . . have you been able to keep that up? Instead, I have eaten more than my share of cinnamon biscuits today.

kim sherrod said...

I am enjoying our little cold snap- my nose was cold this morning on my beach walk and as I stuffed my hands way up inside my sweat shirt hoodie jacket I thought, I don't own a single pair of gloves! Strange for a girl who grew up in the mtns of NC!!
Anyway, I love the all too brief cold weather and I have art shows and holiday bizarre's to get ready for and I pulled out a few decorations already- never too soon for the holidays!!!
If you want to do an ornament exchange I will make you a chicken if you make me a red cap mushroom- let me know!
I have to go bake pumpkin bread now so we can sit in front of the ipad fire screen ;) later and pretend we're roasting chestnuts! This weekend is the Medieval Fair and we are going on Sunday so I will share pics (hopefully of fairies and knights!) soon! love the season here!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It's a fun site,
and she often has helpful informative posts for
chicken and goat care.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Sara, I am better than I was before we started... but not so great overall. Should we recommit? But first... where/what cinnamon biscuits?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I was really happy to read your *cool* status.
Ornament exchange? You'll make me a chicken?
A red cap mushroom... those cute ones with the white dots?
I'm in! Searching materials, now!

Jennifer said...

I think it was a year or two ago that, for complex scheduling reasons, we got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. And it was awesome. Despite *one* voice in our house crying "too early!" the majority of us (we younger ones!) say "yay!" It just takes away so much of the stress, and we get to enjoy the tree so much longer. Just like it's never too late to have a happy birthday, I think that it's never really too early to start celebrating the holidays.... (Although as I look out the window at snow on the ground, and think about having to drive home in it tonight when I leave work at about 8, I'm a little less than enthusiastic about THAT early start. Ken said yesterday that it was the perfect kind of snow -- for Christmas Eve [see, he wants to wait til the last minute for everything...].)

Kim said...

I love Elf. That is the funniest Christmas movie ever! Wish I had some blondies; will have to settle for leftover pumpkin bread or apple cake.

Jenny said...

I saw those very plates at Pier 1 and paused/pondered, then forced myself to keep moving.

My favorite part of Christmas is the MUSIC. I force all holiday decorating and whatnot to wait until Dec 1 but I start playing the music the very day after Thanksgiving. Oh, any I mostly like the old stuff ~ Bing, Nat, Ella, Frank . . . oooo can't wait!!