Wednesday, January 09, 2013

3 Blood Oranges

Three winters ago, we planted fruit trees... nectarine, apples, plum, fig, a lime, and a blood orange. We have enjoyed some quantity of fruit from every tree, but two. The poor lime is in the wrong spot... I see that now. And the blood orange battled one infestation and another, and I was always happy enough simply to see that it had not died. This last summer I thought it was finally even flourishing, a bit.

The other morning I paid an overdue visit to the garden beds in the side yard. Now that the chickens are at the other end of the garden, and because of cold and wet days, I admit to neglecting our winter crops. Wouldn't you know? They are thriving under my uncare! One sunflower seed helped herself, and has grown three feet tall and bloomed, without me ever noticing her in the first place. The peppers are more green and abundant of fruit than ever before. Lush heads of lettuce are salad ready. We have chives, parsley, and a vigorous strawberry bed.

As I walked around the beds, in admiration and happy awe, I saw something very happy indeed. Three healthy oranges in the little blood orange tree. I left one to ripen, picked one a bit too soon, and the third was perfection. We made a big to-do about our bountiful harvest. Honestly, as though you have not noticed: I do love to make a big to-do! The slightly tart orange was very much appreciated, as was the sweet one. And we are keeping loving eyes on the one still in the tree.

Quilter Steph asked about Art of Simple Food, Alice Water's cookbook, and the cooking club I joined. I am still in the club, and other members are actively, diligently following along. I got sidetracked in November (a sort of lost month for me) and then there was a bread section, and that was foiled by the saga of the Thermafail 2000. I have not quit or surrendered, but I am keeping my participation stress-free! I promise to post to Chickenblog any new recipes I prepare... good, great, or disastrous! So, Steph, have you picked up Alice Water's book? As few things as I have prepared from the book, her message about using the basics, fresh and in season, has made a nice impression on me.


Bumpkin Hill said...

Wow, amazing growing oranges! Nice to have come across your blog, catherine x

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I agree... oranges are amazing. It still surprises me that they ripen in winter... not that our winter is typical and frozen. Still, it feels cold, and sunless, and finding something so big and colorful, sweet, is a delight.

Welcome to Chickenblog, Catherine, and thank you for commenting. It's nice to meet you.