Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Park & Party

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Nick celebrated his thirteenth birthday this week, with an all sports and outdoors themed party. And for the first time in many years all of us were able to attend. I still remember Nick's first birthday, the luau in Hawaii... we were all there, too! That was a treat!

Besides basketball, football, and an elaborate game of wilderness tag, there were other fun outdoor activities... like climbing, swinging, sliding, and a milder, more traditional game of playground tag with Izzy and Maria.

Holly measured Nick at six feet tall, in November. I think he's grown, noticeably, since then. Max has the tall genes, too! Even when he's not standing on top of the bars.

Izzy and Maria loved not only their time in the park, but they were also loving the anticipation of a sleepover at their Tutu's house. Izzy had already enjoyed a successful trial run, and that night Maria got to join her. Maria's suitcase was packed at 9 a.m.... the day before!

They have so much fun ahead of them!

Thanks for the party, Nick! We hope you scored some cool gifts, and enjoyed all the hoopla!


warren said...

Dangerous times atop the playground equipment...I love it! Well, except a fall would stink but I am sure the boys had a time they need to joust!

judy in ky said...

I love picture number three... king of the world!