Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bird House & Barn

...a Farm Report

Tasha Tudor Goat,
born February 25, 2012.
Brown coat, blue eyes.
Pisces, who likes Timothy hay, dried leaves, escaping, and climbing furniture.

Ada Lovelace Goat,
born February 28, 2012
Fawn coat, blue eyes.
Pisces, loves to talk, can do a barrel roll, devours pine needles and carrots.

Tasha is not as talkative as her friend, Ada. Ada has something to say most any time of the day, and if Tasha joins her, then we know something is wrong. Maybe a tiny, fluffy bunny has scampered into their yard... that will send them into bleating hysterics!

No! No fluffy bunnies, no rain, no sprinklers. These are distressing matters for our dear goats. And one more thing... no bucks.

Last week, when Tasha heartily joined a really rousing chat session of Ada's, we went out to investigate. We gave them an extra handful of fodder, we brushed them, we chased them, we said "Shoo! Shoo!" to all the fluffy bunnies. But nothing, and I mean nothing would console our sad, sad goats. On and on they bleated. Through the night, they sang their plaintive song. But what could they possible be asking for? We did not know.

The next day, in desperation, and none too hopeful, I Googled:
"Goats Crying A Lot"

And I hit a Bull's Eye! Goats in heat.

Thank you Goat Berries,
for your timely, sympathetic, and spot on diagnostic post. What we have are two young lady goats seeking love. Now we know that besides bunnies and water, when it's their time of the year, "no bucks" will have them bleating whole heartedly, too.

They've finally settled down, just like the post said they would. Thank goodness! But for next year, when the goats are in heat, we may be posting this to the singles section of our local paper:

"Lovely, young, adventuresome, frisky, blue-eyed does seeking rendezvous with healthy, handsome bucks. Good humor, quiet nature, must like spontaneously leaping, and fine dining on Timothy hay."


Terry said...

Joyous chaos at your farm! Yay for goats!

Jenny said...

Laughing out loud here. Be sure to specify whether your gals are looking for a relationship or just a casual encounter. I hate to see my girlfriends get their hearts broken.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You're so right, Jenny!
I think we're looking for a _casual, yet meaningful, encounter_
Anything that exempts us from feeding and housing a bachelor buck!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The relief is two fold: we know what's up, and they've stopped!!

nikkipolani said...

What a hoot! Watch out for the scammers out there!

ArtyZen said...

I know a few folk who live in Turkey and if you were there, you'd have to lock your gorgeous girls away to keep them safe from wandering, irresponsible, unromantic and downright dirty bucks...casual yes, meaningful, I doubt it. Axxx

Lady Cordelia said...

Cute! My friend who has goats has mentioned this same behavior from her goats. I'll have to ask her if they are both girls!