Friday, May 31, 2013

Garden Markers

The fabric scraps I cut and pressed keep finding their way into my projects and activities. My latest inspiration: Garden Markers!

The little pieces of fabric are already cut, with pinking shears, and folded in half. All that remained was sewing a seam... just wide enough to slip over the pruned twigs from our apricot tree. Dowels would work, too.
So far, my experiment is working... next, I slipped a scrap of paper into the fold of the fabric, so my Sharpie would not bleed through. Kale. Zinnias. Beets.

Here is the garden bed, tilled, amended with EcoScraps no poop, organic soil and planted with carrot, beets, kale, and zinnia seeds. We put a sturdy twig at the top of each row of seeds, and now all we need are some markers.

Kale! After all the work of digging, hauling, pulling weeds, setting the seeds... well, it's a tiny bit of a disappointment not to see something colorful right away. We are days and days away from germination, and it will be weeks before we can stand proudly and anticipate a harvest. Ah, the waiting game.

I like these garden markers. Our seeds are labeled. I am not too proud to admit: I do forget what seeds went where! And there is even some color and liveliness in the quiet garden bed.

No need to label this one!

But what about the carrots?

Maria took care of marking the carrot seeds! With a scrap from the goat gate, she drew a harvest of happy carrots, all the varieties.

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