Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lemon ReFresh

All I did was pick them, and I felt a fresh zest and zeal. What a lovely infusion of vim and vigor!

Maybe that's what got the bills sorted, paid, another load of dishes tackled. I even had the pep to make extra thoughtful week night dinners. And the new garden got started... the hard parts of tilling, and hauling, pulling weeds, and preparation.

Such vigor and vim from lemon zing! A squeeze over chicken, with garlic and herbs, made a delicious meal. A squeeze with local honey, to soothe Maria's throat. Another squeeze over cucumbers and mint, for a refreshing and simple salad. And today... revived again, I'll vanquish at least one laundry mountain, plant some green beans and cucumbers, then back into the kitchen to make Ruth's Lemon Bars... a double batch!

Thank you, Lemon Tree. You've been so good to me.


Miriam said...

I can`t imagine what it`s like to be able to go into your backyard and pick a lemon when you need one. I think that`s just amazing. Almost as amazing as lemon bars!

Rebecca said...

I would so love a lemon tree, or any fruit tree but I think I need a garden first! Sigh xxx

warren said...

I wish I could pick my own lemons...golly that looks good! We have awhile before we could get much of anything aside from maybe strawberries in a week or so. But gosh, a lemon? Sign me up!

Kim said...

ooooh those are beautiful! Aromatherapy works i guess?