Wednesday, June 05, 2013

*Brave Endeavors

Sir Robin, brave knight of the Brown Table,
I implore you: Help me on my quest to clean Cramalot!
Yes, I know we have been on this journey before.
We cannot shield our eyes, or turn away from the truth.

Resist the distractions,
and ignore the impulse to wade sentimentally through every
paper and knick-knack. We must be unwavering.
We must purge, and dust, and sweep, and organize, and carry through!

Sir Robin, put aside those formulas and calculations.
We can do this! We will not chicken out!

*Brave Endeavors Intentions? I cannot stop the voices...

I'm hungry.
The shelves and drawers are full.
I have too many interests, and correlating supplies.
If I have too much fabric, should I reduce the excess by sewing, now?
Why does Pinterest think I am planning my wedding?
I should get rid of everything.
I really love my things.
Don't buy me anything!
Did I eat breakfast?
I'm hungry.
Something in the refrigerator died.
Maybe I should seal my office, and clean the refrigerator instead.
Poor office.
I always clean something else, instead.
Trash day is the best day to clean out the refrigerator.
Today is trash day.
Have I registered with the office so I can drive the school field trip for Maria?
Oh dear Lord.
Why did it seem like a good idea to chaperone another school field trip?
The right playlist might motivate me to start.
I'd like to see the playlist that could take me from start to finish.
If I leave now, I can beat the lunch crowd...
but to where?
What should I eat for lunch?
I should skip lunch.
And take a nap.
I wonder what the chickens are doing...


Anna Banana said...

I will store some things for you, just bring them over. I have too much space, it will make my space feel useful. <3

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

<3 Friends say the nicest things.