Thursday, June 06, 2013


Alex brought home a blank canvas from the second hand shop. After a while he opened up his box of pencils, and pens. He brought out the paints, brushes.

An image took form. We were happy to see him with his paint box open, again. I think his AP art class kind of left him burnt out for a while.

I've come to appreciate the photographs of how his work progresses, because I cannot be sure where it's going, what will appear, what will be gone, forever. For me, the layers are always there, a part of the whole, and I enjoy seeing the process, in all of its evolutions.

Even the changing light... from the kitchen lights, at night... to the morning sunlight, the image was always changing.

For a time, it was like a guest come to stay, sitting there, beside the dining table. Another face. Familiar.

Then. Almost suddenly, he said, "It's done.

And we set about hanging it up...


Unknown said...

So different, really good feature piece.

Carrieanne x

Rois said...

I just love your kids and their wonderful minds.Good job Mama.

Lady Cordelia said...

What a cool evolution. I like that he took it all the way to the very end. So many art projects get left to the wayside halfway through, especially when they are big like that!

Patricia said...

Fabulous and great location. You have the perfect entry way for large art exhibits. Bravo, Alex (and William for brotherly assistance).

Miriam said...

You have such talented children! Thanks for the views of a work in progress - how interesting to see!