Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cannot Get Enough

Last October my cousin came for a stay, and she prepared a feast for us. I loved everything Rebekah made, but one dish really got to me, and I cannot get enough. With summer here, and all the fresh veggies and good lemons available, I am happier than ever with a bowl of cucumber and lemon salad. Add some of those wild tomatoes we found, and some little mozzarella cheese balls~bocconcini, and it becomes something extra wonderful!

Easy. Fresh. And refreshing.

Organic Persian cucumbers, peeled and sliced
A few fresh mint leaves, torn and tossed in with the cukes
Corne de Bouc, or any small tomato
I dashed some black pepper on the tomatoes
and I splashed a zesty amount of fresh squeezed lemon over everything
and then... I add those tasty little bocconcini, too.

The next part? Choose the tastiest, or prettiest, order to stack them on your fork!


Paula said... fresh and delicious and healthy looking. Want.

We did a mix fruit bowl for dinner last night ~ cool and refreshing, just what the heat doctor ordered! ~ paula@weewhimsicals

Unknown said...

Mmmm! it's what's for dinner at MY house tonight...Thank you!