Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not Posting Today

Chickenblog is closed today. I am not posting, reflecting, sharing, musing, scratching, pecking, or nothin'.

Look away. There's nothing here but to-do lists, and mild panic about imminent travel plans. Nothing but packing, preparing, paring, and parting. And tidying up. And tying loose ends. Dull stuff, indeed.

Come back tomorrow. Come back and see whether I had any success turning men's pajama pants into relaxed, and cute, tropical traveling pants, for myself. In my mind they are marvelous, clever, simply gorgeous.

Come back to Chickenblog, please, when I am not anxious about flying... _my arms get so tired_
Return a bit later, please, and I will have something fresh, something new, something inspired to share. And there won't be any hints of desperation, dread, or drama.

Don't you love the days before a vacation, when you are frazzled a bit, and scrambling to get everything in order, and coping with any neurosis (ahem)... and really it all just makes you need a vacation!!!? Yeah, that's why today Chickenblog is closed.


Janece said...

Sending love and calm... efficiency without effort... excitement and peace.

Love you!

Janece said...

PS - Sending you a hug. If you want moral support, help or anything else that Amira and I can offer between now and flight day - let me know. We'd loved to see you, help you, love you. :)

And, please... hug that handsome, cuddly, soft and wonderful Sir Benjamin for me. :)

judy in ky said...

Yes, Natalie, I do get frazzled preparing for a trip. The last time I felt like I was having a panic attack and finally took a xanax.
Just remember, you can get to Hawaii much faster than I can! By the time we got there recently I swore I wouldn't fly again (but I know I will; it's a bit like giving birth, I guess, when you swear you won't do it again but then forget.). Be calm and have a great time.

Sylvia said...

Triage, my dear! From most important (passport/IDs, tickets) to least (extra sandals?). Make those lists and check them off – they are so helpful, especially in those last minutes before you have to dash out the door.
Looking forward to hearing about the trip. Your family knows how to have a good time!