Saturday, June 29, 2013

iPhone Post

Good morning!

I am still figuring out this new application for blogging from my phone.  Tiny keyboard... pardon my inevitable typos!

We were so pleased to arrive at the airport plenty early, until the flight was delayed by two hours.  Yes, we had travel hassles etc.  But, you cannot swim to Hawaii and eventually we did arrive at our destination.  

And isn't it miraculous to awaken in a new place, open your front door and behold fresh adventures waiting for you?  Hello Hilo!

Maria, Geoff and I went on the first explore of the day, and we found:  tropical flowers, a diabetic goat, a horse and a donkey, a rooster and his hens, papayas, mongooses, and a big blue sky.  

We've seen and done so much more since that first walk, I cannot keep up. But, I'd like to try, so I will continue to pop in, jot down a few reflections, and share glimpses from my iPhone.  Actually, it'll probably be a bit random, and jumbled, and I hope the quality of these iPhone images are worthwhile... they look okay on this teeny screen.  

Back at home, our Bird House and Barn are in good hands.  Not all reports about Mister Foo are glowing.  I must remember to bring something full of aloha for our dear caretakers.  


judy in ky said...

Beautiful Hawaii... so much to see, so much to experience. Enjoy it all!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to stay. I hope you have many more wonderful and happy adventures!