Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dear Ones

Maria is a lucky girl. Me too. We all are. Maria has her grandmother, who frequently comes all the way from Oregon to visit us, and play with us, and even to babysit our farm and critters. And she has her adventurous great grandmother who, at almost ninety-one years young, has applied for a new passport. She doesn't have any specific travel plans, yet, but you never know! We've been enjoying our time with these dear ones.

I love it when Eunice stays with us. I miss the years we shared together, when she lived with us at the Beach house, and El Rancho. She's sweet. She has stories and recollections that I enjoy hearing. And she knows how to get feisty! She thinks it's ridiculous to avoid a lively debate on politics, or religion.

Delia and Eunice make a good pair. They look out for one another, whether proclaiming their own points of view, or nodding in wise agreement, they are gracious, intelligent, and generous. Yes, I am getting a little choked up... flowers, gardens, cooking, art, love of learning, sewing, reading, generosity, family... these two women are the source of so many of my passions and interests, my ideals, and I think my integrity and faith, too.

Maria loves her grandmothers, both are great. Great fun, great models, great inspiration.

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Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Grandmothers are so lovely to have around, aren't they? I was lucky and had two great-grandmothers for a long time. One died when I was 21 and the other didn't die until I was 30. I was definitely blessed. May Maria be as blessed.