Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Grandmother :: Abuela :: Tutu

The formal Hawaiian term for grandmother is kuku wahine, but tutu is used most commonly. Although the conventional wisdom is that there is no "t" in the Hawaiian language, in actuality the "t" and the "k" are somewhat interchangeable. Kapuna is a term sometimes used for grandparents, but it more accurately translates to "elder" and is most often used for one upholding and teaching traditional Hawaiian culture.

In 2000 we came to Hawaii with Grandmother, and I never had so much fun watching someone else enjoy an adventure. She belongs in a place where dresses are floral, and flowing. Where aloha and gentle melodies are generously shared. I certainly am thinking of her today. With every tropical breeze, pretty lei, and sweet aloha moment we enjoy, I am wishing she were here, too.

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judy in ky said...

Lovely. I want to be a tutu too.