Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Beautiful Bad Vacation Photos

I am not a photographer.  I take pictures... a lot.  I look for good lighting, focus, interesting angles and subjects, but I am not at a point where I would wear a press badge, or have business cards printed.   Since I blog, I do (honestly) try to limit myself to posting "good" pictures, and not publishing all of my pictures!  And if you have a digital camera, then you know... a picturing snapping fan, can take a lot of pictures!  

On this trip, I have been burning through a lot of memory... On Big Black Beautiful Camera, and the iPhone, as well as a water camera.  Geoff has been helping me manage storage.  Max helps me hit delete.  But, but, but... sometimes I cannot hit delete, lose forever the precious moment digitally preserved, and recalling a scene to treasure, always.

Okay.  Lets face it, not all of our vacation photos are worthy of the cover of National Geographic.  But for me, some of the worst offenders are more dear, more meaningful than any Conde Nast spread.  There are good postcards at every corner store, and plenty of coffee table books, and Internet sensations have Hawaii and beaches, and fish, and palm trees quite well documented.  Nonetheless, some of the pictures downloaded from our camera, lousy as they are, are for me, utterly undeletable.  

And so, in honor of all beautiful bad vacation pictures everywhere, I present our too precious to delete, but really not so great beach photos!  

And there's more, of course.   More fish just of focus, and funny faces behind dive masks and snorkels.  More waves and splashes, and sandy bits.  All precious, and good... and undeletable.


nikkipolani said...

I love these, Natalie. Sometimes, photos are more about story-telling and memory-making than about that perfectly composed and lit image.

ArtyZen said...

Looks just wonderful! Axxx