Saturday, August 03, 2013

This Guy

Max and the rope swing, Pololū Valley

Happy birthday, Max. I am going to think of all the ways you blow my mind by being the amazing person that you are, and then I am going to find the words to express how much I love you, how deeply I admire you. And in the process, I will probably be profoundly moved, and inspired, and thankful, too... because you are such a joy to have for a son. But here, on the Chickenblog, I promise to be low key and subtle... I'll mention the chocolate cake you asked for, and say that I hope you enjoy this new year.


Cat said...

Happy Birthday!

ArtyZen said...

Your subtle low key appreciation of your amazing son is beautiful. Have a happy birthday, Max. Axxx

Jennifer said...

We would love Max to know how often we think of him -- it's pretty routine around here for Dean to come across something and say, "Max V. would be into this, I bet," or "I wish we lived down the street from them and I could go show this to Max and we could build it" -- that sort of thing. Max is extraordinary and inspirational, even 3000 or so miles away.

Janece said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Max! Thanks for being such an inspiration and example to my girl... who believes there is nothing that you couldn't create and make (she's right, of course!). And, of course, the epic backyard battles between you and the Anagram Sisters will always be dear memories. You are the best!

Wishing you an amazing new year ahead, Max!!