Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Third Day in August

The plan was simple... Invite a few friends, eat a movie theater dinner, get the big, chocolate cake, bring out our Ruben's Tube, watch a movie outside, with the fire rings lit.   

Everything came together quite nicely, including my desperate plea for ketchup... Thank you, Diana!  The cake was huge and definitely chocolate.  The weather  and mosquitos cooperated.  And after three years of living with an outdoor movie screen in our home, we actually moved the screen outside... A great place to enjoy Darjeeling Limited. 

Max is still enjoying birthday pleasures, messages, and happy reflections.  It's been a good celebration.  


NotesfromtheBarn said...

Excellent but what did you watch?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Max went for "Darjeeling Limited."
We love Wes Anderson's movies.
It was most excellent!

Janece said...

Amira had such an amazing time at Max's party - she had a hard time going to sleep when she got home. I'm so happy to hear he had a wonderful day!