Thursday, August 08, 2013

Aloha Kona~

Some days, I am still in Hawaii, still enjoying the sounds of doves and myna birds, still reveling in our family vacation. And as many posts as I've written, I've only just touched on our first three days! I think the days spent in an adventure are a pleasure, for sure, but it's the memories and recalling all those great moments that gives it lasting value. Sure we were only there for two weeks, but I know I will be enjoying the trip for years to come. It was our first time flying into Hilo, and I think it's my favorite landing spot now. And another first was spending more than one night at Volcanoes National Park, which gave us plenty of time to feel relaxed and engaged. We did so much! And even the short drive from Puna to Kona was full of wonderful sights, and experiences.

So. Day three. We've done and seen a lot, and now we arrive in Kona... Keauhou, where we are spending a week in an oceanfront condo, with a pool! and tennis courts! and snorkel gear! and this view! (Have I mentioned Airbnb? They are not paying me a dime to say nice things, I just happen to think they are pretty great.) Our place was genuinely ideal. Pretty, convenient, and look at this view! How close were we to the ocean? I could have flung a coconut into the Pacific, from the lanai.

Another idea of our great location... Maria at the pool, and behind her is our rental van, and the end unit we stayed in. Sorry... I'm not boasting or bragging, or even implying that we were in a luxury resort, either... I am just saying: Airbnb makes travel affordable, exciting, and can bring fun and new experiences into your adventure.

The Kona side is the dry side, the sunny side, the let's snorkel at Kahalu'u, then get shave ice, then kayak from the King Kamehameha, then have lunch at the Kona Inn, then swim in the pool side. In other words: There is plenty to do when you are visiting Kona.


Shave ice~

Sorry about that.

One more plug for Scandinavian Shave Ice: They really are the best. This is not a snow cone. The ice is shaved, and at the perfect temperature to be like soft and fluffy snow. We diligently avoid artificial dyes, even making our own syrups at home, but this time we indulged and enjoyed all the wild flavors and colors... pineapple, li hing mui, lilikoi, strawberry, raspberry, lime, and Alex added mochi. Ono!

Kayaking~ Kailua-Kona and the King Kamehameha Beach

This was as close as Maria got to a luau! The King Kam puts on a big show, and we could see plenty from the water. The sun was setting, we were still wading around, bobbing up and down, eyes wide open, like frogs in a pond. We watched the hotel's luau, from the bay, and Maria was pining, yearning, longing to be at the luau for real. Next time?

And, on Aloha Friday, lunch at the Kona Inn~


Kim said...

I have seen alot of shaved ice in my day but I have never seen one that HUGE!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

AND fluffy!
She actually pats it down before she hands it over... and these are the "small" size!

judy in ky said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family in a beautiful place.