Monday, October 28, 2013

Five Good Things

I don't think there is a time of year when there isn't lavender I can harvest from our generous plant growing in Lola's Garden. It was over five years ago, when we were still in a rental palace, and I was mourning the loss of dear little chick... how dear and bittersweet to recall that we comforted Maria by telling her that Lola would live again as flowers. Lola blooms, and blooms, and blooms!

Between chores, baking, and resting with an icepack on my neck, I enjoyed cutting more lavender, sorting them by length and tying them for drying.

Where did I read... lavender is a natural moth deterrent, and it's nice to have in a nest box, too? What a happy, useful suggestion.

Good Things:

1. One lavender plant can yield a lot of flowers.

2. Bulging disc recovery is going well... I look forward to my ice-pack therapy time.

3. I am enjoying my recharged cleaning urges... less fretting about what's undone, and more satisfaction about purging and doing what I can.

4. Geoff made two repairs to interior handles in my Odyssey, and now my ride is like new, again.

5. Delia is coming.

Please, tell me what's good with you?


Anna Banana said...

1. Sunday's UU service was a reminder that when we long for something, it may disguise longing for the feeling we think we'll have if we get our wish.
2. Rain on my seedlings.
3. Made the best ginger molasses pumpkin oat cookies ever.
4. Grateful for abundance in my life (including lots of work and adult children).
5. Dear friends.

Mama Spark said...

I am struggling with finding that happy place at the moment. Kids are all good, we are all healthy and I am about to be published for the first time (shhhh, that's a secret). It was good talking with you today. I had some lavender once but ti tried to take over the world so I had to uproot it. I should plant some more at the farm. Thank you for the suggestion!

judy in ky said...

1. I had lunch with my sister today.
2. I spoke to my best friend in Philadelphia on the phone today.
3. My husband put our little ghosts up in the tree.
4. I stopped on my errands to take some scenic photos.
5. My next door neighbor is having a fire pit in the driveway on Halloween.

judy in ky said...

One more good thing: I received the "Put An Egg On It" book yesterday. Thank you, Natalie!