Saturday, November 02, 2013

Flower Fairies

Maria was a flower fairy for Halloween. A Hawaiian flower fairy. A frothy, whirly, twirly, Hawaiian, flower fairy.

This dress was one I modified for a Halloween a long time ago. 1997 long ago? Or was it 1999?
How did that happen?
Time, and space, and travel. Goodness.

Delia wanted to get some pictures for a photography assignment in her club, and while she posed Maria, I took pictures, too.

I removed the sleeves from the dress, and stitch a silky cord, flowers, leaves, and tulle all over the neckline. Then I made a flower cap... like a pixie. The cap was a lot more bedraggled than the dress, and Maria preferred her head lei. To go around the waist, I sewed more tulle to a wide ribbon, and wore it like a gossamer apron. For Maria I raised the hem of the dress and snipped the tulle apron so she wouldn't get tangled up in it. Then I stitched the sleeves... over lapping by two inches to cinch up the fit. She had her own fairy dress in a jiffy!

I love how delighted she was with being a flower fairy, and flitting about, all day.

I love that she made it her own.

Maria and her Grandmother. I still remember the wonderful costumes my Mommy made for me, and the bliss of flitting about, all day.

Yesterday a friend called. She was a neighbor that Halloween, a long time ago, when I wore my fairy dress, and she remembered it. She remembered it, and was calling to ask a favor. Could she please borrow the fairy dress for a last minute party she was invited to? She hoped I still had it. She hoped I wouldn't mind.

Mind? Not a bit. I took the hem back down, and I freshened the dress up. Then I took a look at the pixie floral cap, and decided I could revive it...

Mostly the little hat was missing petals, so I brought out the glue gun and grabbed some fabric flowers leftover from a wreath project, and I filled in the gaps. Maria likes it much better now, and I think Candace will, too.


CJ said...

The picture of Maria and her grandmother is really lovely. It's a fantastic costume. I kind of wish I had one.

judy in ky said...

Everything about this is beautiful...

ArtyZen said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - as Judy says - everything about this post and the people in it is beautiful!