Monday, November 04, 2013

Five Good Things

Maybe I should have called this post Nine Foo Things. Mister Washburn Foo had a wonderful summer, and now he is enjoying his first fall... pumpkins, dry leaves, more quilts and coziness. He still has to observe most of the season's changes looking out the window. He is purrfully content on days like this, when he can skulk through the tall grass, get a closer look at the chickens, and sit with us in dappled light.

Good Things:

1. Midterms were last week, and now hopefully Max can enjoy a moment to catch his breath.

2. Delia was with us for a brief visit, and we had time to talk, make plans, and enjoy some funny moments.

3. Geoff built me a filter... a screened box that holds goat droppings, and sifts out the dirt.

4. William is really close to finishing his flintlock pistol, and it looks beautiful.

5. For breakfast we ate toast, from the bread I baked, with delicious, organic fruit preserves. I think toast and jelly is divinely good.

Please, share what's good with you~


Anna Banana said...

1. Five Good Things Monday.
2. Pickled jalapenos in the fridge.
3. Turnip green sprouts from the garden in my salad (you have to thin your plants, so eat the thinnings).
4. Full quiet house.
5. Life/work balance is pretty good at the moment.

judy in ky said...

1. Took my mom and three nieces to lunch and shopping this weekend.
2. Had dinner with a sister I haven't seen for two months.
3. Packing to go to Hawaii again.
4. My husband is working.
5. I'm working on the NYT Sunday crossword.

Peaches said...

Five Good Things Monday
1. I’m feeling better. I missed posting last Monday due to yucky health.
2. The weather is gorgeous!
3. Thanksgiving is coming.
4. Just three weeks till Thanksgiving break, which is a whole week.
5. I’m loving life.