Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Squeeeee! I cannot help myself... they look so darling, all of them together, Pumpkin Friends forever!
Kellie, Michal, and Adam hosted a pumpkin carving party. Plenty of tables, plenty of tools. BYOP!

Michael was brand new to this tradition, so Max gave him his best tips.

I was sure to collect seeds. Roasted pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite reasons for carving pumpkins at all! Besides serving pie and cider, Michal and Kellie roasted seeds for all of us, and everyone came with things like baked squash, fresh bread, cupcakes, and deviled eggs with olive spiders! Potluck is such a brilliant idea when friends are gathering. Everyone brings out their best.

Maria and Paul, devising their plans.

Michael, Max, and Alex... love the purposeful focus.

It was great having the space, the good tools, the smiles, the creative inspiration... even the weather was cooperating, with a chill in the air and fog rolling in.

Guests kept filing in throughout the evening. Great Jack O' Lanterns were being turned out, one after another. It's not easy getting my camera to take nice shots in the dark, so I regret I did not take more pictures. Olive Oyl and Popeye made an appearance, and the children were dashing every which way in the dark. Spirited play. Good memories.

Besides, my hands were full, first with carving out an owl, then eating roasted squash and pumpkin seeds... nomnomnom!

We brought all of the Jack O' Lanterns to the stairs, so we could capture the majesty and glow in one image.

Every one, a masterpiece!


judy in ky said...

You know the most interesting people. And you do the most interesting things! I love all the Jack O' Lanterns...

CJ said...

They're fantastic. So effective and striking to see them all together. I'm going to carve ours tomorrow - it's all last minute this year!

Rachy said...

They look fabulous!!!!!
We're doing ours tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Well done, carvers! (and photographer!)

Janece said...

This was so great! Tonight, while trick or treating, we saw so many creative and fun pumpkins. And seeing these photos and reading about it is like having the fun all over again. Ahh.... life is good! :)

Janece said...

PS - my very favorite pumpkin? The owl! :)