Thursday, November 21, 2013

If Our House Were A Ship...

If the Bird House were a Blue Ship, and our backyard an island, it could look something like this.
Found the barn? The bamboo teepee? Thanks to William for drawing up this excellent map and party invitation. Now we have set the tone for the party theme Maria chose two years ago! Our Maria loves a good theme, and I think she's found a really fun one. Her brothers have offered all kinds of help and suggestions, so we are off to a great start. Raise the flag, set the sails, bake a cake! Maria's birthday is going to be a treasure chest of play and laughter.

I cannot help gazing at this map, imagining a mermaid lagoon, goats in the foothills, chickens on the shore, and happy adventuring with family and friends.


  1. Nothing better than a pirate party but - wow, what a fantastic map this is! Your family was made for pirate parties. Wish we could come....Axxx

  2. utterly and completely magnificent! piratey names for all, and cannot wait to see the photos and hear the tales (which surely will be told, in verse and song, for many a year to come!).

  3. I swear! There is nothing your family can't do. That was a weird double negative sentence, but you get my meaning right? You guys are super talented…at so many things, my gosh. This invitation is amazing and the party is going to be off the chain, I'm sure!


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